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  1. Every one I have reported has gone to a different ISP. Some to Korea, some to China, Japan, and even a couple to locals like Comcast. It started a few days ago, and I did not report them at first. I only deleted them after hitting them with Spambayes (actually Spambayes caught them all).
  2. define:spam I define spam as unsolicited email. What I don't understand is overposting spammers. Do they really think I'm more likely to buy their manhood stretcher if they send me the same spam fifty times a day? I only have one to stretch, so one offer will suffice. This week it is prescription drugs. They change the subject line, and send it to me fifty times per day: wicked drug/s to keep you going wicked d)rugs to keep you going wicked dru!gs to keep you going wicked dru/gs to keep you going You see a pattern here? So, my mission this week is to report all wicked drugs spam and I hope you do too!! Thanks!!!
  3. Another curious thing about Cheating House Wife Services is that the past couple of days they've starting sending ten spams with no text in body then one of their regular spam in text body the one with additional nonsense text appended to their standard body text. When I see patterns like this I start thinking their doing a challenge and response thing: They'll send 10 with no text in body to condition your anti-spam measures to respond a certain way...then they'll slip in their regular spam...and then once you're conditioned they move in for the kill with their extra special spam. I don't know if they're trying to condition us and fool us, or if it's some way to drive their numbers up so they get more per piece from their sponsor (the one paying for the spam). Oh, and I did have a short run of virus spams this week but only about ten total and then it died off. Nothing like the slugfest they put me through earlier this year when it was dozens per day for weeks and months.
  4. Well, the Rolex spams have really tapered off. Now, my spammiest spammers are with this subject line: 1. Cheating House Wife Services 2. Heyz Darling I think they're related because they are always grouped in twos (one Heyz... and one Cheating... back-to-back) several times per day. They are using various return addresses (spoofed), various email addresses (spoofed) and various relay servers. Let's shut these guys down! Report, report, report! I know some of you are selective in what you report, so please add these to your reporting list if you are getting them.
  5. Wazoo: OK I read your post and found it confusing but I think I'm with you. Straight forwarding of emails to spamcop won't be entirely helpful to spamcop.net parser. The preferred way to submit emails is by ATTACHMENT. That way spamcop.net parser gets the whole message and it's in a format where it can parse any headers and/or HTML. Sometimes when I'm unable to forward by attachment, I use an alternative method for submitting HTML emails as follows: 1. Open email. 2. In Outlook click on View --> Options --> Internet Headers --> Right-click --> Select All --> Right-click --> Copy 3. Right-click on blank portion of email body --> View Source. 4. Ctrl+V in View Source notepad to paste email header into View Source notepad. 5. Ctrl+A to select all. 6. Open </>http://www.spamcop.net 7. Paste (ctrl+v) into reporting Window. 8. Report Now. That sends an ACCURATE and helpful copy of the email to spamcop.net
  6. Issue 1: I provided a tracking URL this time so I can finally get an answer. No, I don't have the answer, and you failed again to provide an answer...and I was expecting this reply from you...so you did not disappoint Issue 2: When you look at an HTML email, what's in front of the HTML curtain is not important. Case in point: eBay and PayPal phishing emails. The curtain looks like an official PayPal or eBay communication. But when you look behind the curtain, you see the HTML that is important from a spamming point of view. The way to see the HTML is to VIEW SOURCE. For HTML emails I either forward them by attachment, or I do a View/Options to get the headers, then do a View Source to get the HTML. I paste the header into the view source and then it's ready for submission. This procedure should give a full and accurate rendering for Spamcop.net to parse.
  7. What is Spamcop.net Level 3 reporting? Submission was rendered from a View Source and View Options of an HTML email.
  8. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z727316230z5b...58c979659eec2bz
  9. Don't wait for the email confirmation and submission email from spamcop.net Instead, go right to your cookies enabled http://www.spamcop.net page and click on the "Report Now" link. Then click on the "Submit" button". Rinse and repeat until the "Report Now" link goes away.
  10. Rod: 1. Take a chill pill and edit your posts. They're too long 2. Setup your OE to send reply to all emails by attachment. You don't need to look at any headers. Just forward by attachment to your super secret spamcop.net submission email address and you're almost done. 3. Ignore the replies from Spamcop.net 4. Go to http://www.spamcop.net and click on the "Report Now" link, then on the Submit link. Rinse and repeat until there is no longer a "Report Now" link. 5. Open IE (Internet Explorer). Click on Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy --> Advanced --> Tick Override Automatic Cookie Handling --> Tick Prompt in both places --> OK --> Close --> Apply --> OK --> Close --> Close IE. Now, every time you preview an email with a cookie you will be prompted to accept the cookie. Of course, you will deny the cookie. That way the spammer won't have confirmation that you opened the email. Somehow you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Follow steps one to five and you are set. Don't sweat the rest of it. Also, this assumes you have set up your MAILHOSTS. If not, you are going to bust and annoy your ISP (your mail provider). Now, if you reply to this, please edit for brevity
  11. Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z725554046za5...c5aa055512433ez
  12. Mail hosts FAQ forum: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showforum=7 MailHosts setup: http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=mhedit
  13. 1. Forwarding by ATTACHMENT is the preferred way to submit spam to Spamcop.net 2. Be sure to set up your MAILHOSTS BEFORE submitting spam to spamcop or you might end up busting your ISP instead of the spammers. 3. Submitting spam to spamcop does not have an immediate effect on spam received...unless you're only receiving spam from a couple of sources. The fact that you had an immediate effect can not be rationally explained by your submissions to spamcop.net...it's only a coincidence.
  14. After adding the ;action=display it's revealing my Mailhost(s) and the TO:, and that's not cool.
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