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  1. No. The issue was never brought up before. When I see 30 pieces of mail in my held folder and before I click on the report button, I do verify that I am reporting spam (and I have verified a few reports sent at random). On the mail that gets though the filter that I have to report manually, I do verify the parser results and there have been no related issues. Wrong. I set this up a while back. Additionally, I was not aware some changes to my ISP (i.e. When I reported this problem to intergate, I got a response from academicplanet O.o). I am trying to make the necessary corrections now. I believe you might be correct. I am working on this now.
  2. So I finally decide to check the settings. Everything looks to be fine... except for what I saw on the POP configuration page. The server, name & PW were all correct, but there was an Error Count of 285 with a Last Error message of "Cannot contact server." Bah! So it looks to be a different problem from what I originally expected. So who is the party who can correct this? SC or my ISP? I guess I can contact both. Thanks for the assistance.
  3. Sorry if I said or implied that. SC doesn't pick-up anything any longer (in any folder). The only folder I ever needed to check in the past was Held Mail because all the good mail was retrieved using Outlook Express. POP - Anything directed to me at SC or Intergate goes directly to SC. At this point, spam is left in Held Mail & the good stuff is forwarded to another address I access with Outlook Express. It was a really beautiful system the way it worked for the past year or so. Not sure what could have changed or how, but it's worth a look.
  4. I might as well stop using it. It is not picking up or filtering any email. I use 3 email addresses (i.e. A[at]intergate, B[at]spamcop & C[at]intergate). Everyone emails me at A & everything sent to A goes to B. If filtered properly, like it usually is, then the good email is forwarded to C and all the garbage is left in my Spamcop Held Mail box. Now, when I log on to SC it goes directly to Held Mail where I check what was filtered. Nothing there (usually 10-30 spam email). So I wonder if everything just passed through the filter process & was sent my 3rd address (C[at]intergate) - no. My email is not getting picked-up by SC at all. **************** Since I am having to bypass SC to get my email, I end up with all the spam. Whenever I forward the spam, to the appropriate SC address for reporting (sorry I actually used it last time), it is sent back to me as rejected. Hope I summed it up a little better for you. Thanks for the assistance.
  5. Absolutely irresponsible! Not only are you "rejecting some messages," but it looks to me like you are rejecting all messages!!! :angry: Everything is now going directly to my forwarding address. Thank you for spreading a little bit of sunshine. And now it looks like I can't even forward the email for reporting to submit.<code removed>[at]spam.spamcop.net Another bright ray of sunshine. Moderator Edit: Extracted from http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7342 .... as the issue was not related to that Topic material. PM sent to advise of this action and 'new location' of the 'new Topic' ....
  6. Okay then. A point of clarification, dbiel. 1) My new outgoing address via OE is now my spamcop address. 2) My "from" & "reply to" addresses are the same. 3) Yes. I know SC SMTP is not available for email client programs. (I did sort of point that out in my first post.) I thought I already said these things, but here they are again. Make whatever deductions you want. No more hints! (We can save "security vs. service" for another day and another thread, dbiel, but thanks again for your help.)
  7. Too funny! I will think about what you said, though. Thanks.
  8. Yeppers! You are quite right about the SC SMTP issue. I'm still disappointed about that because I can get SMTP through my ISP along with 100 email addresses, filtering, internet connection, etc. for 1/3rd the price. Major Bummer! (Granted: SC has a good service to offer, but for the price, SMTP would be nice.) Nope. My "from" & "reply to" addresses are the same. As I said in my last post, it works the way I want it to work now. Although I am thinking about scrapping OE... just thinking about it... for web email... hmmm... still thinking... Thank you, though, for your assistance.
  9. Thanks for the comments. I believe I actually do have everything finally set to my preference now. My spamcop mail & all other email are now filtered through spamcop and are now forwarded to a new private (never to be revealed) address through my OE. My new outgoing address via OE is now my spamcop address (with a new digital ID already assigned). Tah dah! Once a day or every other day I can go to the web client to quick report the "herd" of spam needing to be "culled." (Single click action for multiple spam email.) As for vulnerabilities and viruses directed at OE... I have always been able to defeat them (and I have been through some big attack sequences). If spamcop is doing its job correctly in filtering my email, then I now have an added level of protection (right?). Thanks again for the help and suggestions. Any additional advice/comments is/are, as always, much appreciated.
  10. I am starting to get settled with what I need SC to help me with, but I guess I can't use Outlook Express to send email using my SC address? Can anyone help me here?
  11. I have now removed the "tag" option to see if spam will be "held." I will see what happens in the morning. Okay then. Thanks. Aye. Thanks again. Yes. Thank you. The pinned posts for email & reporting lacked the further clarification I sought (although, I might have missed a topic). Thank you for stepping up to the plate, Steven. Your comments are much appreciated.
  12. I have decided to become a paying client and have set up everything the way I believe I would like. I have opted to select all spam filters/options, but nothing is automatically going into the "Held Mail" folder and nothing has ever been "tagged" as spam. I have had to manually move spam from the "Inbox" to the "Held" folder. If everything works okay and a message in my "Inbox" is spam, then should I select the "Report as spam" option or move it to the "Held" folder where I can send a quick report for multiple messages? I'm not sure of the difference. Also, (and I know this is a different thread topic,) when I do a "quick report," do I need to do anything additional after I click that button? Is all the spam reporting for multiple e-mail messages done with that single button click? Thanks in advance for your time, assistance & patience. edit: I have read through some posts & help files for clarification. I am asking for assistance because I could not find what I was looking for.
  13. Thank you, Miss Betsy. Good additional resources you have listed there. I am still prowling those sites.
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