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  1. You can also request copies of the reports yourself. FAQ: How can I get SpamCop reports about my network? I get more info here: http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml But anyway it is not detailed enough. I already found and terminated some user running about 10 perl processes on my server and each process was generating mail messages. I hope this will solve the problem....
  2. My ISP have usually long delay in communications, it may take them 24-48 hours to reply for my requests. I want to know immediately who and how send spam i order to prevent this immediately. They also will not answer me on weekends and holidays, they have only small stuff in data center while weekends and holidays, so I will not get such reports until monday of next week ( I am speaking about general causes).
  3. Can spamcop allow some mechanism of showing this reports without need to contact anyone? As far as I know on spamhaus such reports are displayed as examples of spam messages.
  4. Hello! I am server admin and my server ip was recently blacklisted on spamcop. I need to know who from my server users sent this spam. I need actual spam reports from where spamcop listed my ip to their blacklist. Since spammers could use various technics to hide themself, I need as much info as possible. How can I get this info?
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