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  1. use IMAP to access a folder called `Held Email'. You cannot see this folder via POP, you need to configure your email client to use IMAP. Point to imap.spamcop.net as your IMAP server, same login info as for pop.
  2. but of course, if you haven't reported/trashed your email out of your Held Email, it won't make it to the trash folder. The system does delete Held Email after 14 days though - JT did mention this once, but I must say I have gone longer a couple of times while on holidays and found a month's worth sitting there.
  3. login to webmail http://webmail.spamcop.net Options -> SpamCop Tools -> Select your email filtering blacklist -> SpamAssassin.
  4. My main account where filtered email was forwarded was bouncing the spam report emails due to my ISP thinking they were spam themselves. So the address which spam reports are sent to is different to my forwarded spamcop address. Not sure if this is really what you asked, but the SC admins can do it if you really need it.
  5. JeffT has indicated in the past that this is not possible.
  6. Setting up SpamCop using iiNet, Australian National ISP. 0. Create a SpamCop email account, hand over your $30USD - lets call it fredblogs[at]spamcop.net For this example lets say your current email address is spammedbadly[at]iinet.net.au 1. Use the mailconfig toolbox to setup automatic forwarding of your email. Go to the page http://mailconfig.iinet.net.au/forward.cgi and login with the username and password of the mailbox that you want SpamCop to filter for you (i.e. spammedbadly). In the first box at the top of the page, type fredblogs[at]spamcop.net 2. Create another mailbox on iiNet's mail servers. Use the drop down `Create Mailboxes' on the line containing your connection product on the page: https://toolbox.iinet.net.au Note that you will need to wait a while before the mailbox becomes active and that the password rules are pretty horrid. Lets call this new mailbox secret[at]iinet.net.au 3. Configure SpamCop to automatically forward email back to iiNet. Login to http://webmail.spamcop.net using fredblogs[at]spamcop.net as the username and your spamcop password. Go to Options, SpamCop Tools, `Select your email forwarding, change your password or mail reports'. Underneath `Forwarding Address' put secret[at]iinet.net.au and hit submit. 4. Now you will read your non-spam email using webmail (http://mail.iinet.net.au) or your email program using the mailbox `secret'. Configure your email reader or webmail to use the From: address of your old mailbox spammedbadly[at]iinet.net.au There we have it, you can transparently use your old email address and your spam problems will 95% be over . Don't forget to check your held email and configure your whitelists as required.
  7. The reason that messages get straight into Held Email is that they are being blocked by the bl before they hit your inbox. You will need to whitelist the list or sender to get them to bypass the bl and go straight to your inbox. I have a filter that I manually apply to my Held Email - it was deleting emails that Yahoo!'s Bulk Email detector was flagging and marking. I needed to hit the filter button to get it to run, but it works fine, deleting those matching emails.
  8. I'm sure that these are `on the list' but thought I'd mention them here. Would be great to see the email address along with, or instead of the username. Almost all my spam/held email have proper names - and many many have stupid email addresses like xfww7872[at]hotmail.com. It would make scanning the 100's of held email faster. Also from a geek point of view I'd like to be able to see the Spamcop Disposition header from the inbox/message list view. Actually, being able to see that it was only SpamAssassin that blocked the email would be useful as it is responsible for most of my false positives. If enough people agree hopefully we can get JT to put it high on his list.
  9. nospam


    aaah that would explain why it doesn't work ... second thing I tried after posting a message They do build a sense of community, giving you something to remember people by.
  10. Thunderbird and Outlook Express don't have any problems, I just can't get TheBat! to show or subscribe to all of the folders. IMAP support in TheBat! is newish but I thought it was > 90% working. Interestingly the list of folders that TheBat! can see, even after resetting the list, is the same list as Thunderbird shows subscribed to start with. Or maybe this isn't interesting ... Just appealing to anyone who has gotten it working nicely.
  11. Has anyone else found difficulty listing all of the folders using TheBat! ? I can see quite a few folders via webmail/IMP that I just cannot get TB! to show. I can see INBOX.Held Email, INBOX.sent-mail and INBOX.Spamcop Mail, but none of the other folders such as INBOX.New Folder, INBOX.Trash, INBOX.postpond, INBOX.drafts. Reset List in the Manage IMAP Folders dialogue doesn't appear to change anything. TheBat! 2.03.47. No-one on TBBETA answered, so trying here.
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