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  1. So for the past few days I have been noticing that spam for me has reduced quite significantly. I am not sure if this is true for others as well. Has there been any major event regarding spam recently that could have led to that?
  2. I have been receiving a lot of spam from an organization named Simply Transit Ltd. But it looks like reports have been disabled for them, no reason was given in the comments. Can anyone tell me why was this done. They even say this in their IP address whois comments: "Please report abuse incidents to abuse@as29550.net. Messages sent to other contact addresses may not be acted upon." (https://www.whois.com/whois/
  3. @petzl So the Panama IP is the one sending the spam email? Can you please tell me what is actually happening in the spam email. The headers aren't correct? I am only using the Gmail web client and I don't recognize that my account has been compromised.
  4. Something interesting happened while I was reporting a spam/scam email on Spamcop it showed this email to send the reports to: forged-ip[at]don.spamcop.net Can anyone tell me why was this email shown for reporting the spam than the one that should have been? Hereis the reporting URL: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6427587004ze793e9bd1ae8a89992c6ef428a559524z
  5. I remember when I received virtually no spam. But stupid me gave it around like it didn't matter get more than five spam mails per day. Hopefully reporting to the ISPs helps.
  6. @petzl Thanks I did not know this about the tracking URL.
  7. Also what is bothersome is that these link shorteners don't have any easy mechanism to report the shortened URLs (goo.gl has one though). Most spam email I receive use bit.ly and I have been sending them reports through Spamcop for the time being but they should really have an easy mechanism to report such URLs.
  8. By "ad mail" do you mean spam? How do you create an email group in Gmail? And what is UDW. Thanks. I have been receiving spam from Dinahosting as well but they are at least responsive to reports about it. Most IP addresses I receive spam from are based in the US and the Spamhaus data corroborates this as well https://www.spamhaus.org/statistics/countries/.
  9. @Lking Sorry, here is the report URL for it: https://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=gettrack&reportid=6751558359 I am a bit confused as to what the abuse email is for the spam IP address. As I said in the above comment while the abuse email for the IP range is given as info[at]abstation.net in the comments of raw WHOIS. The RIPE database shows the abuse email as abuse[at]abstation.net for that particular IP address.
  10. I got a spam email and when I parsed it through Spamcop it said this when trying to get the WHOIS details for the spam's IP address: "No reporting addresses found for, using devnull for tracking" and gave this email for reporting nomaster@devnull.spamcop.net. Aren't all IP address owners required to provide an abuse email? What is happening here? Here is the IP address in question: https://www.whois.com/whois/ For some reason the abuse contact is visible through the comments line for the IP range but not for this particular IP address in the main WHOIS content. The abuse email is visible in RIPE's own database though https://apps.db.ripe.net/db-web-ui/#/query?searchtext=
  11. @Lking That is definitely disappointing that they aren't accepting spam reports. I will try to send them a report myself and see what happens. Can you also tell me how does SpamCop report these spam emails to the abuse departments. It seems to send the whole email header without a preceding explanation of the email. Do these SpamCop reports not get filtered as possibly spam? And how do ISPs figure out what the email SpamCop sent them is about? Sorry if these are stupid questions but I don't know much about this. When I report the spam myself. I usually add an explanation and attach the email headers separately below in an external URL.
  12. This Rescam thing seems awesome. This seems to only work against scammers though spammers will go on as usual. Also reminds of the Lenny bot that wasted telecallers time https://www.reddit.com/r/itslenny/.
  13. @lisati @kolor Is there an automated way to send reports to these addresses like SpamCop or do I have to manually send them the reports each one? Also, what is rescam? Edit: And how do you send spam reports to the email ids mentioned. Do I just send the whole email headers without any explanation (e.g., Hi, this is a spam email I received etc.)?
  14. I have been receiving a lot of spam by spammers from addresses owned by NetRouting, Inc. SpamCop says the abuse email address for them has been "dev nulled" due to bounces. Can someone tell me what this means and why has their abuse email been disabled? Thank You
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