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  1. Hello spamcop. I am not too sure that this is the correct place but - well, I have waited too long and have gone green (i am a newish user anyway so it may suit). Can I please add the following to the wishlist: 1) Could spamcop have options for reporting that also removes pre-stored text so I can a) spamcop to remove text, and; b ) prevent my email address or name text being submitted in reports, also my email account is different to my actual domain email account, etc.. Eg: The from headers, etc.. and multiple email addresses because the spammers sometimes enter more then one email address. Like a fake From header with my secondary email address. The To header has my primary - and spam cop leaves the secondary un-modified currently. Also - my hosted email is me_link[at]myhost.tld which is connected to me[at]mydomain.tld - both are actual email locations pointing to the same place - but my host is listed in the recived headers - so posting unmodifed reports yelds my email. 2) NEW IDEA - but more of a question .. In IE5.5 the URL/URI of 'http://foo.bar/.' is resolved; does spamcop search such wildcards, etc. EG: <base href="foo.bar"> and then <a href="<a href="././././.">link text</a> 3)MODIFY the DATE header as spamcop only really needs to confirm the server trace info. I wonder about adding an option to remove usless headers but am unsure its possible - in a working sence that is. 4)Get my name up in lights if you think to use this - jk.. lol.. but perhaps some insentive for others to post. Anyway - thankyou for spamcop - please keep up your excellent works.. PS: no spell check - thats another button
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