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  1. The first step in resolving a problem is to admit that you have one. Bravo.
  2. It's been a few hours since new email has arrived, Wed April 30th 08:17 EDT
  3. Here is what I have observed. In webmail.spamcop.net, inbox, I saw a spam email. I manually moved it to my held mail folder. Then, from mailsc.spamcop.net I looked at held mail. It displayed () meaning that the email was not recognized as being associated with any blacklist. I processed the spam and it told me that the originating IP was This IP should have been blocked by China country blacklist, but instead it appeared in my inbox. This is independent of the operating system I am using. I am using webmail.spamcop.net. I was just curious as to why it was not held in my held mail folder since the China blacklist is functioning?
  4. Hi, This is in regard to the blacklist filtering on Spamcop which is independent of my email software. I am looking at my held mail folder vs my inbox folder at webmail.spamcop.net. Held email displays the reason why it is held in (parenthesis). I had expected email from the IP address of China to display (blacklist.china), but instead it displayed () nothing. Henry
  5. I subscribe to the China country blocklist, yet received spam unfiltered from This IP is in China. I received a quick response from the owner of the list after explaining the problem. He says, Henry
  6. I probably fall into the minority here. I usually report spam one at a time using a detailed analysis, rather than just selecting dozens at a time. There is a bug in the detailed analysis which has gone unresolved for many months. The output will say "Resolving link obfuscation" then not resolve anything. The only way to force Spamcop to resolve to the link is to reload, often several times until it finally resolves the link. Attached is a screen snapshot of the software not doing what it is supposed to do. Moderator Edit: off-site link removed.
  7. I am reading a previous issue which appears to address my problem, http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/lofiversio....php/t3060.html Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not as I just activated the Mailhosts system. It appears to be working fine, but I have lost the ability to manually parse spoof emails - that is, bounced spam messages from a spammer using my email address. Although Spamcop does not allow the reporting of spoof emails, I would like to manually parse the header to find out who is responsible. I have completely lost this ability, after switching to mailhosts. I receive the following error messages: Spamcop does not give me any useful information, leaving me blind and crippled. How about just telling me where the spam is coming from, then not sending any reports since my mailhost was not found in the header? I feel I have lost a valuable tool.
  8. I received a clueless response to a spamcop report. However, the response should have been whitelisted, not placed in my held mail folder (as per Don). I rely on the proper filtering of email i.e. if something is in my held mail folder, and it is from India, and the return address is "anujvaijapurkar[at]yahoo.com" then it is spam. The exception to this is when someone uses a free email account to respond to Spamcop report, telling me the spam in my inbox is not spam. This needs to be filed in my trashbin. I accidently reported the response as spam. We are moving into a new era post-CanSpam Act and they lines are getting a bit grey. I expect to be receiving more protests like this one. Can we adjust the whitelist filters to make sure that responses to spam complaints are not put in the held mail folder? Thanks, Henry
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