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  1. I wonder if some one can explain this message which now comes out with every Spamcop quick reporting data SpamCop.net Here are the results of your submission: Processing spam: From: amxrhibvb[at]hongkong.com Subject: arabic error:You have failed to configure your own mail host, from which you pop mail Mailhost: ( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Please correct this situation - register every email address where you receive spam As far as I know I have registered my two email addresses that I want checking for spam! Cheers
  2. I keep getting a message for all outbound emails System Administrator Undeliverable:Subject Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: Lost & Found Sent: 06/02/2004 12:26 The following recipient(s) could not be reached: XXXXXXXon 06/02/2004 12:26 550 relaying mail to XXXXXXis not allowed
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