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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! You're onto something. I was getting my terms a little mixed up... >>Earthlink account#1 xxx[at]earthlink.net - forwarded to SpamCop account >>Earthlink account#2 xxx[at]yourdomain.com - SpamCop POP's this account? These are one in the same as I understand it... I have the same setup as you I think. Private damain, so essentially two addresses (mydomain.com and earthlink.net). Everything is forwarded to the earthlink address. Nobody even knows my earthlink address. So spamcop doesnt pop my earthlink account #2 (mydomain.com).... I wasnt clear. What I meant to say was: All mail from the earthlink.net account (WHICH is by default, all my mydomain.com mail, right?) is sent to Spamcop. In other words, I only ever check pop.earthlink.net - and thats how I get my domain mail..... Then Spamcop is forwarding to my Blackberry address. So maybe this is where I'm screwing up. I ALSO have Spamcop configured to poll pop.earthlink.net.... Though I'm not getting anything in my Spamcop inbox which is what you said would happen... So at the end of the day, all I want to get is an email on my BB as well as the same email on my webmailbox. I am unclear as to where (on earthlinks webmail interface, on spamcop, or on the place where i actually read my mail- oddpost webmailbox, where I should check 'keep mail on server' or even if that makes a difference... I Hope you can help! Many many thanks. ------- SpamCop forwards mail to Blackberry When SpamCop forwards mail there is nothing left on the server. So when you POP the server there will never be anything to get. Your original Earthlink settings are also confusing. You say that Earthlink forwards to your Blackberry, but you also POP earthlink. When Earthlink accounts are set to forward mail nothing ever gets to the their server. So I can't understand how you were able to POP anything after it was forwarded. By the way I also use Earthlink and forward my mail to SpamCop. I also have a private domain registed with Earthlink so I have two addresses myname [at] Earthlink.net and myname [at] mydomain myname [at] mydomain is not a real mail box and all mail is "forwarded" to my Earthlink address. Are you set up the same way or is yourname [at] yourdomain a real and separate mail account from your Earthlink account 15429[/snapback]
  2. OK - I'm getting somewhere, but still dont have one more answer. I've now got email coming into Earthlink, unchecked leave mail on server, and its being forwarded to spamcop. Then spamcop is receiving it, cleaning it, and forwarding it to my Blackberry. I've got POP set up in Spamcop to poll my earthlink address and leave messages on server is also unchecked. Then my oddpost webmail is et to poll spamcop as well. So now I'm only getting one copy of mail on my BB - which is great - but nothing is coming into my oddpost webmailbox. How can I get my oddpost webmail to also get a copy of each message? I'm certainly missing something fairly easy I'm sure.... Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your reply and help. --I think you're getting the duplicates because of that issue. I think you'll need to change your strategy a bit. First, it's better to have mail automatically forwarded to your SpamCop account. --- I am having it auto forwarded to spamcop from my earthlink account...but I 'also' have spamcop polling my pop address...so it goes from my isp>>forwarded to spamcop>>then forwarded to my tmobile BB. am i doubling up my efforts with the POP check as well? so confusing... 2 other questions: Does every BB user who uses SC lose the immediate email or is there a way to speed up the SC checking of mail? I dont have any emails coming into my SC inbox. Many are going into the HeldMailbox (the ones that should go there), but no good mail is coming into the inbox... Maybe that helps?
  4. I've tried for most of the day today to get spamcop to work with my setup. Before I bought spamcop, I had my earthlink webmail forwarding to my tmobile BB address. The mail delivery was immediate but I was pummeled with spam. My setup is: Tmobile 7230, Blackberry Web Client. I have my own domain that is parked with earthlink. I dont use Outlook, instead I use Oddpost webmail that polls my earthlink domain POP. This way, I can have my mail on the BB and then whenever I have time, go to my Oddpost webmail client and file the messages into folders. Earthlink webmail (I dont use it to read my mail, but only to forward my mail to spamcop and because my domain is parked with Earthlink). Mail is currently set up to remain on the server. Right now my setup for mail is (the latest iteration...): I have forwarding checked on my Earthlink webmail and its forwarding to Spamcop. Spamcop is set to forward to my tmobile BB address. Spamcop is set up to poll my earthlink (parked domain) account. Since I've had this setup, it takes longer to receive my mail (between 3 and 15 minutes instead of immediately when I had my earthlink mail forwarding directly to my tmobile BB address. I now get (about 30 minutes later) a duplicate email of everything in addition to the first (late) email. I'm sure its something that I'm missing.... Any advice would be great. No searches I've done have given the right answer for my setup. Thanks!
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