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  1. This Jackpot software sounds very interesting. It prompted me to register to ask a few questions though..... I only have access to my Home PC which runs on a DSL link. I have a static IP address, but do not run any of my own services (I.E. I use my paid webhosts email servers) My main worries about trying this program to help waste spammer resources are as follows: 1) Might my static IP address end up on some blacklist, preventing any of my normal day to day email from getting delivered to some people? 2) When I turn off this program to utilise the full speed of my connection for something else (Online gaming for example) will the incoming connection attempts impede my usage of my connection? its a 512 down 256 up connection. I'd like to be able to help, but I dont want to ruin my own web connectivity in the process. RM
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