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  1. I am but a mere plebian, reporting his spam...I will leave the programming/admin/ and 'completeness' of the 'customer'/'front of office' side of SC to the Gods and let my mole activities run, regardless of whether they are simply being counted-metaphorically or literally. I am aware, from the 'announcements forum' that the FAQ is showing an older version, but I can hardly quote a (more recent) FAQ that I am unable to see, after all. Perhaps you could enlighten me, with regard to the up-to-date SC FAQ/ policy on reporting mode(s), and the recomended frequency of mode changes therein? I would be most grateful for any new, perhaps differing, information in this direction thus adding to my education, limited as it woefully is. Midi
  2. You presume far too much, and thus to all purposes appear to be suffering from a superiority complex for this jump to the 'obvious', for I did read it and imbued all educational benefits from it and it has enriched my life somewhat, but nonetheless I have decided to effect no changes to my reporting mode. As stated at Spamcop*, [whose 'suggestions' I am happy to heed] I am adhering to the one mode of reporting, for now, and am content to do so. I will let SC do what it will with my reported spam, and count myself glad to be able to participate in the schemata. Midi *It is recommended that users pick one mode or the other and use that exclusively. http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/373.html
  3. Benefits...I think that when reporting, because of subsequent investigations/actions by Spamcop, source of spam is stopped quickly; obviously all not down to me, or my reports, but as a small contribution, I see the benefits as indeed we all do from SC's efforts on our behalf. However, problem is now fixed; it was down to my mail provider (Netidentity) changing their entire server range/names and thus the mailhosts were not being recognised anymore. All back to normality, thankfully. Thanks for all your help, appreciated. Midi
  4. Hi All, After many happy reports of spam to Spamcop via my Mailwasher, and really seeing the benefits of reporting as a Mole, I am suddenly (and with no changes at my end) getting EVERY SINGLE report I send in and then manually approve as 'No source IP address found, cannot proceed.' Nothing has changed here...email format exactly the same, being sent via Mailwasher as it has been for months, no differences at all. I must have reported around 40 spams today...all with that error message. Strange! Is it something that the team are aware of, or has my ISP somehow gone and changed things at their end do you think? Anyways, thanks for all your efforts, as ever. Midi.