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  1. well taking a look at the address in the email : http://belabornon.com/ I found no way of signing up for their email. I wanted to check if it was double optin. The site seems it is a directory of affilate/advertising links. I think its a bogus response from the culprit, and that they were guilty of sending you unsolicited commercial email.(though with the caveat that I do not have all the facts)
  2. you have a dataprotection law probably that allows you to expect a full response to a request for any and all information they hold on you. - specifically when you 'signed up', the ip address used etc. if you can rule out (with high probability): a. They may have got address from a third party who you allowed to share your address with other companies b. you signed up for the email then you have been spammed and should avail of these spammer guys the false customer care they are offering to the fullest extent untill they can prove that it was an optin email. You may find that the dispute is merely for their isp's benefit - not yours. Since they have your email address, they will need very little time to provide the information requested, and need no further information from you. Your dataprotection laws may have a schedule for response times- if violated then you have clear recorse to take further action. (I have not really looked at information about the ips or the websites/companies) HTH
  3. better to also use a domain block list perhaps? http://www.spamhaus.org/dbl/
  4. I wonder if you would tell me if the mail reader extension only displays the 'conversation view' that makes googlemail's web interface almost useless in some peoples opinions?
  5. true, both brandnames. I can not actually recall clearly what the Biona was - but it was from a shop called Hansa, a healthfood shop, it was probably some sort of ceral based product, possibly with red drided fruit - it was wrapped on clear plastic and merely had perhaps two stickers on and was about the 500g size. Also I dont recall which line of Jordans was the one used, red box is the only clue I can provide The pictures on the site links provided do not spark immediate recognition as to the specific product lines.
  6. hell!: wi****ia says: polyvinylchloride. As far I recall PVC is one of the more poisonous plastics, probably from the softeners. Aluminium is famous for being deadly as well as copper. I seem to recall that some opted for cutlery made of aluminium soon after the date it was discovered, but then switch back. I heard that some people have a pan for boiling eggs, because of the stuff that comes out the shells. I think I got cling film confused with Cellophane some how. Any how I have checked my cling film and it says: (btw it is very clearly marked as safe for fridge, freezer and microwave) Low density Polyethelene (LDPE), Anti-fog agent, stabiliser, additive. Which is somewhat reassuring, with some level of quizzicality and yet also strangely non-descript at the same time. I personally _feel_ it is probably a tolerably safe material for cooking with. the link provided Farelf: http://www.foodplast.com/index.asp?page=31 I found was quickly exhausted as an authority. Regarding your doctor experiencing tractor death, if true, then that is an unfortunate end. Since I have smoked many cigarettes then a smoking related disease is on the cards as a 'natural' end point. Regarding the old way of poaching - seems you and your army possibly have no problem with it (which ever one it is)yet, I expressed the method mentioned with perhaps seemingly unwarranted apparent prejudice, however I would have issues with the old way being stated as broadly 'easy' in juxtaposition. Statistically the number of eggs involved in any given poaching session is less than army sized, I think you would agree with that. As to the average, well.... ponders re watering hole.
  7. Hi Neil, What IP does the Spamcop system send mail from (on your behalf)? I guess you checked and tried its SPF records into your own domain's SPF records? (or the spf record attached to the host/domain for that ip) There is space in txt record to add lots of ips/ip ranges. A google spf I have is huge and does not quite fit. Not knowing the options available with spamcop and your level of need on this one, then this following suggestion may be of limited value: An alternative is perhaps using an additional email service which will tell you the SPF records required...I use dnsexit.com reliably for a server on a dynamic ip to make the email more acceptable for delivery by various servers (originally mainly ones that need PTR the MX record). HTH.
  8. I find poaching an egg in clingfilm is fairly fool proof. (found it on a Rob Manuel webpage)
  9. here is my 'british' flapjack recipe: 50g jordans ceral 50g puffed rice 50g Biona 50g oats 60g butter 2 tbs Honey 2 tbs golden syrop 3 tbs light brown sugar 150g mixed fuit and nut 50g drided apricots 1. chop or whizz mixed friut and nut and apricots till small size and mix with the first four ingredients well in a bowl 2. put butter, honey, golden syrop and sugar into bowl and microwave for 1 1/2 mins. (stiring near the end) 3. mix both bowls together 4. place contents into flat glass dish and flatten and microwave for under 5 minutes (5 min or over means it will be definitly burnt!) 5. let cool 6. if you have chocolate available, then melt a layer ontop. using 1KW microwave on high power.
  10. www.ipillion.com is fairly interesting - but the original poster probably needs to actually form a question? locations of ip addresses change constantly - so accuracy would be variable for a particular area which would be generally only known to say perhaps a small local ISP. (if you knew the general location of the ISP even). For a large ISP the variables would increase. I guess thee may be patterens discernable if a large ISP only uses IPs in a certain area, but then you are back at square one. So many people post one message and dissapear in these forums.
  11. So I think the urls to see ip orientated data are: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?track= http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip=
  12. I will try adding fuel now - thank you very much for the pointer! A little confuzzeled by MB usage. Also is there a comparison of features and differences between 'add fuel' and 'Yearly' offerings? http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=paymenu
  13. what exactly does this program do? Also does it have a home page?
  14. How to see a spam report like that for a specific ip please? (or is only some sort of admin feature?)
  15. yes the various AUPs etc would be the violated contracts/agreements - plus probably various laws. I am guessing toplevel registrars can actually cancel domains - but that the changes take a little time to propergate (perhaps 24h) out to the internets. will Network solutions take heed of notification of domains being in violation of network solutions' AUP? is there any place on their website for therse sorts of domain complaints? They seem to have a very crapulent registration system for example a random search for "forbusinessandpersonal" shows the following: http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/3566/72971013.jpg which shows the .cz, .ch, .co.uk and others as being registered - yet they are not. They even 'allow' you to go so far as to place a back order bid with a minimum bid of $69 (at some place called namejet.com). [Edit - img changed to link]
  16. to possibly clarify, network solutions (who I think are in charge of .com ultimately) can canel any .com domain with immediate effect? Or is there some sort of complication in that statement?
  17. hi, just wondering do these spamvertised domains or more importantly perhaps the destination spamvertised domains ever get suspended or closed down? I am not referring solely to spamcops involvement. Or is it too insubstantial leagally that it has been spamvertised (directly in spam emails or via redirect mechanism on another website) to deem it as having breached the T&Cs of the domain registrar? I am guessing no here. eg: towardown.com has been spamvertised on loads of live.com pages recently. I do not know if the website is illegal or not, however it is very likely that the spam operations and the website operation are one and the same or very closely related. So perhaps removing the website may mean that the spam may stop. http://www.spamhaus.org/faq/answers.lasso?...c+Questions#127 kind of answers the question.
  18. 2 further reasons: one feature developed centrally is preferable to development/deprivation in 1000 's if not ten of thousnads of places. personal bl addresses would allow other features.
  19. The only software I have seen for the aggrieved spam victim who wants to take it out directly on those responsible is spamshagger. http://spamshagger.cgisys.com/ It does socket teardown and floods logs with the entire spam that was sent spamvertising a website. (! take out trackable inofrmation) *Use responsibly* -two warnings - it must be good A more automated method that is not really direct action is to setup a tarpit - so as to perhaps slow the spam-run down a little.
  20. a few counters (in the free account area) so that the following can be seen: a. the number of spamcop dnsbl lookups done by your mail server that returned a positive response (so to guage the number of email blocked by your mail server) b. number of dnsbl lookups that were negative responses (so that white list efficiency can be guaged) This does however rest upon some mechanism so that spamcop knows which account performed the lookup. several ways to do this are (not without perhaps problems): 1. a user specific version of bl.spamcop.net (ie username.bl.spamcop.net) 2. your mailserver external ip that did the lookup being recorded by spamcop and a reverse lookup done (would only work on ip with relevant ptr data - ie no dialup accounts would have correct ptr) to try an assertain the spamcop account or a direct request to that ip and ask the mail server its name (would need to be set also, would not probably report multiple domains - though constant chatter to mailservers to find their names would be excessive and likely to an unreliable method). Alternatively a DIY log report from own mailserver logs would show a. but not b., but b. would be guageable via dns logging or just knowing how many email addresses / email domains that email is recieved from that are not in the whitelist. Very doable in small environments but I imagine larger environments may 'prefer' stats from spamcop its self. So really the feature request mainly comes down to floating the idea of account specific bl.spamcop.net blocklist address - (see 1.) and two potential uses for that feature (see a. and b.).
  21. http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/291.html "response code from the SpamCop server to indicate a queried IP is listed is" not sure if that is the only response possible from spamcop (apart from the negatory one of course) I like the idea of having the option of more blocking that would include the background static (as in radiation) spam ips. Although with just sendmail how would this be achived if you wanted to NOT use the new response code? FEATURE(`enhdnsbl', `bl.spamcop.net', , , `')dnl would need one of these for each response code(? wildcard/regexp possible on the last field?) but not for the response code that has a low %score (as described in original post). Best to just have a seperate ancillary list? A similar topic: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5892 Personally I reject solely based on 6 dnsbl with very few problems - to mitigate occassional problems encountered with various (other) blocklists I have used and currently use I employ also a whitelist in access.db - which skips the dnsbl test on those domains/addresses.
  22. it is always personal/an insult when someone tries to hijack your resources/services?
  23. http://dnsbl.abuse.ch/ it is nice list of website attacking ips - the list does not have All current active web hacking ips - but it is a very nice list to augment an htaccess file once an hour. (or use via dnslook ups in real time from an apache module etc). It seems similar to what you propose T-equalizer. but perhaps not as open as you indicate your propsed system would be. What language is your coding in.
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