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  1. Thanks you, dbiel. I was in a big hurry to fix the problem. Looks like I have quite a bit of more reading, research and testing to do. Will be back here soon.
  2. 2 months ago, I took over management of IT operations and for the first time, have to administer exchange server 2000 having had no prior experience. Then suddenly "BANG", lots of users' mail is bouncing with advices that our host is on blacklists for being an open relay and/or SPAMing. I am new on the job and everyone wonders why it started after I joined!!! So help save my job. I have been reading a lot of MS knowledge base articles on this subject and following their advice, I have re-configured my host and it is no longer an open relay based on the basic tests outlined in the articles. I have also started requesting removal from the BLACKLISTS where possible. I also need urgently to get off the SPAMCOP listing. Who can re-test and confirm that I am now in the clear?
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