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  1. Dear Sir/Madam, It has come to our attention that our IP addresses( ,,, , ,,, ) have been in your blocklist . But whould you please offer the detailed spam or the spammer so that we could investigate and deal with it. Any other question, please contact us abuse[at]hichina.com, lijl[at]hichina.com. HiChina Web Solutions Best regards, HiChina Web Solutions (Beijing) Limited ------------------------------------------------------------- Address: 3 F,Wanwang Mansion, No.27 Gulouwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100011, China Tel: 86-10-64242299 Fax: 86-10-64254247 WEB: www.net.cn -------------------------------------------------------------- HICHINA, CREATE THE CHINESE MODE OF E-COMMERCE
  2. Dear Sir/Madam: > > We, HiChina Web solutions Limited(http://www.net.cn ), is one of the biggest domain name registrar and hosting service provider in China and we have thousands of customers at present.Our IP address ,,, , ,,, (vipmx.hichina.com)are our server that provide email service for our most customers,but now,those email from that IP have been refused and not be send to without any inform,Thus have effected our clients for normal trading ,So please tell us the reason about refusing,and remove that IP in your IP blocklist,thanks! > > Though we have tried our best to prevent the customer sending spam, few of them including the new domain still get away with our supervision. For those customers, SPAMMERS, we have set up a complete set of punish system including stop our service to them and we are pleased to cooperate with the international organizations in anti-spam work. > > Some questions contact us abuse[at]hichina.com lijl[at]hichina.com
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