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  1. My exchange is the 199.... the 201 wa sthe FTP.. I dont know how spamcop would have cut off our Exchange server for an activity not on the same address....
  2. Sorry Guys,.. What Iam being told is spam from me is.. It is from Savvis which was Cable and Wireless
  3. We are a small compnay that runs a Win2K3/Exchange 2K3 server that I beilieve IS NOT allowing open relay. Many of my clients emails are rejecting us because of an association to an FTP server, at a different address than our mail server. Can someone at Spamcop please identify our address's as not having aan open relay, and remove us from the list?? is our mail server... was our FTP server that I have shut down. Any questions......... please contact me asap itman[at]summitbuilders.com
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