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  1. One correspondence was from Ellen, deputies at admin.spamcop.net: ======= Ah, OK this is challenge/response -- that is what I was not clear about and now understand. If you continue to send C/R emails to the spamtraps then there is always the possibility of the IPs listing/relisting. Ellen ======= Unfortunately our system is also automatic, and I can only assume that spammers forge these spamtrap addresses so that our system tries to verify them then gets blacklisted. I highly doubt they will whitelist our IP, since I bought up that issue in the E-mail to Ellen and she did nothing about it, but we can keep trying. There are people reporting the welcome message as spam? That is sad. We are reluctant to buy a new different IP block to send the verification messages, since many mail servers might reject the mails for a different reason: the domain "0spam.com" (in the From headers) would not match MX records, and I know that some servers use this matching to block spam. Regards Allen B. 0Spam.com
  2. SpamCop, We have contacted you on numerous occasions about your system automatically blocking our IP, which is used by the anti-spam service www.0spam.com. This server is used to send verification messages (like mailer daemon) to thwart spammers from spamming our users. During the last year, spamcop has added this IP to their blocklist many times. This IP has never sent any spam nor will it ever as long as it is used for the 0spam.com network. What really makes this hard is that I am unable to see the messages that your users claim are spam that were sent from our server. What does SpamCop recommend we do? Buy a new and separate IP block to send the verification messages? Or is there a IP whitelist feature of spamcop where they can add our IP? Awaiting your advice. PS: here is an interesting statistic about spamcop: around 3% to 4% of all email servers check the spamcop RBL before they accept a mail. Regards Allen B. Network Admin. 0Spam.com
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