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  1. As it turns out, it is a server problem, so my computer is clear, and I am fairly sure now that my email address was not attached to any of the spam sent from my IP address. I refer to it as "my" IP address, due to the fact that it is allocated to me, not anybody else. While they are not officially fixed, they very rarely change (unless the new system has changed all that). Had SpamCop had the decency to provide me with that information when I asked, I would have known whether the spam was being generated by someone on campus, or not, as in order for them to link both my email and IP addresses, they would need access to either my computer, or computing services. As for my home ISP, that is actually IOL, not UCD. UCD (quite righthly from what I've seen so far) completely ignore SpamCop, and only got involved because I made the query. The only reason I bothered to make the query was because of the little bit of information that DavidT was able to provide me, not because of the lack of information that SpamCop provided. As for the "...What part of "write to the deputies to get the information you require" didn't you understand?" comment, I have been on to them, however the post you were responding to was a direct reply by me to Wazoo, nothing else.
  2. The information I want is applicable, as I want to know what SpamCop are accusing me of sending. SpamCop have provided my details to an unknown quantity of people and claimed that I am a spammer. Yet SpamCop refuse to provide any details to back this up. This business of "blame the spammers" for SpamCops lack of support in their accusations simply doesn't cut it. SpamCop are making the accusations, the onus is on SpamCop to back them up. The fact that they won't doesn't really reflect well on them, and I will be getting on to my home ISP about the situation, as I don't feel that they should be using a service that refuses to back up their claims. If I knew more details about the times and amounts involved I might be able to do something about it, not all spam is created by some dork on the other side of the world, some of it is created by people fairly close by. The rather basic information that I want would allow me to deal with that possibility (or rule it out as the case may be).
  3. Steve T, you posting of the email address was helpful, and was appreciated, but that was not what I intended in my post (I was just saying what I intended on doing next). Wazoo, I'm just pointing out to you that the FAQ does not answer any specific questions to my case, nor does it tell me how to get those answers, it basically just tells me to use the forums. I have no intention of looking through all that stuff in the hopes of finding something that may or may not tell me how to get the information I require. DavidT seems to be able to access some of those details, so I know SpamCop has them, and they should provide them to a person if they are going to add that person to their blocked list. Those basic details are: What email address is attached to the spam? Is it mine or a different address being attached to my IP address? What spam is being sent from my address? Dates and amounts involved. That is pretty basic information, and should be available to me on the information page linked to by the blocked email message I received.
  4. But not the questions that I want answered, and they are what are important. I didn't ask anyone here for an email address, (although I appreciate turetzsr posting one), I simply made a comment that I would have to find an admin address (which I did), as this forum doesn't seem to be capable of providing me with the relevant information.
  5. Okay, thanks. I'll send a copy of my email to the deputies.
  6. Thanks. I'm not waiting for the server administrator to get around to sorting it, as the IP address is mine, not shared as far as I'm aware, so I want this sorted ASAP (plus the electronic data relates to me, not the server administrator, so legally it is me who is entitled to the information). I found an admin email address on the ironport.com website of all places (seems incredibly stupid to me to have a contact email address, and only display it on another website!), so I have sent off to them to get the information.
  7. Thanks again DavidT. I'll have to try and find a contact address for an administrator of this site in order to get access to those details.
  8. Thanks DavidT. Since I now actually have some information to provide to the IT staff about it, I have contacted them. Hopefully they can give me another IP address while they sort the problem. Where did you get that "history" from? As it is eletronically stored data that relates to me, I should have access to it, yet I couldn't find it when I looked around the links I was given on my blocked email. I found the senderbase stuff, but that doesn't really explain a lot.
  9. Why was an email that I sent to myself (from work to home address) blocked? The IP address is , and no information is provided when I open http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&ip= other than I have been listed for less than 24 hours. If you are going to start blocking people, at least have the decency to make sure they are able to find out why without having to register for the privilage! :angry:
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