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  1. when i used the relay test above and other online email relay test/checker (as listed below) no email were sent to my email i set *abc123[at]yahoo.com*, not like the one I manually type HELO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO etc command it really send an email to my inbox at *abc123[at]yahoo.com*. The web based open relay tester checker i used are as follows: Abuse.net relay testing - www.abuse.net/relay.html (traceroute.utanet.at/check.html calls this page) Open Relay Database Test - ordb.org/submit/ Open Relay Test - members.iinet.net.au/~remmie/relay/ Mail Server Relay Test - www.lucidlogic.com/relay.php Anonymous Relay Test - www.antispam-ufrj.pads.ufrj.br/test-relay.html Anonymous Relay Test - www.aupads.org/test-relay.html Securewall Relay Testing - www.securewall.co.uk/Forms/openrelaytestform.asp - must register Test your mail server for an open relay - www.trusontechnologies.com/services/spam_tester.php EyeonSecurity Relay Testing - tools.eyeonsecurity.org/tools/relay.html Third Party Relay Check - www.rbl.jp/svcheck.php Open Relay Tester - www.mob.net/~ted/tools/relaytester.php3 LART email Open-Relay Tester - spamlart.homeunix.org Mailserver Open Relay Check - msv.dk/ms009.asp SPA Relay Test - www.spa-mail.com/rt.html RelayCheck - www.relaycheck.com Hope to hear your opinion.. bye
  2. hi Hillcap and spamcop fellas, i need to know, how can i make my adsl dynamic ip get enlisted on the internet, so that spammer can notice my jackpot quickly (tired of waiting like fishing), some mention about "reporting" an abuse, where is that place? can it be done here in spamcop? does spamcop listing of open relay have potential of luring spammer to spam home adsl dynamic ip jackpot? i need to collect data for research, number of size, spam categorization, size of data per spam session something like that. Can anybody help me? One more thing, I test relay using web based test relay system, I don't seemed to get the same result like I was forwarding email in my LAN using those HELO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO, DATA, QUIT stuff.. in my LAN i can get the message "relayed to 1/1 recipient", but using an online system, no message of 'real' relaying appear at my jackpot console.. why? Is my jackpot only relay capable in my LAN and not on the internet? I already did port forwarding of port25 from my modem/router (public port) to the host that runs jackpot (private port), and install sygate personal firewall pro 5.5 for protection (set to allow incoming and outgoing SMTP traffic from all IP address). I used your(HillCap) jackpot.properties file. Snippets of jackpot log: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04/09/08 10:51:29 GMT STATUS Jackpot version 1.2.1 is available at jackpot.uk.net 04/09/08 10:52:24 GMT ENVE 220 abc.123.net Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 5.0.2195.4905 ready at Wed 08 Sep 2004 10:52:24 GMT 04/09/08 10:52:25 GMT ENVE HELO staff.iinet.net.au 04/09/08 10:52:28 GMT SMTP HELO staff.iinet.net.au 04/09/08 10:52:28 GMT ENVE 250 abc.123.net 04/09/08 10:52:28 GMT ENVE MAIL FROM:<spamtest[at]localhost> 04/09/08 10:52:31 GMT ENVE 250 Sender <spamtest[at]localhost> OK 04/09/08 10:52:31 GMT ENVE RCPT TO:<abc123[at]yahoo.com> 04/09/08 10:52:34 GMT ENVE 250 Recipient <abc123[at]yahoo.com> OK 04/09/08 10:52:34 GMT ENVE DATA 04/09/08 10:53:53 GMT STATUS spam interval updated to 409635s. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *abc.123.net and abc123[at]yahoo.com are not actually server name and email i used during the test* it stops after the DATA command.. some have QUIT command appeared.. after a while DATA command appeared.. hmmm.... ??? Can anybody help me? Tq..
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