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  1. That link is worthless for finding out WHY a server has been listed or how to get in contact with anyone. The closest that I could find was this board. I don't consider that to be very useful. If spamcop idoesn't want to list or link e-mail addresses, a simple web-based form that would then e-mail someone in charge would do. That way no one needs to air dirty laundry on public forums. Personally, I find blacklisting the worst way to deal with spammers. They don't care, they just change their IP address (or spoof one). I could get every free e-mail service blacklisted because ORDB and other Open-Relay blacklisters are easily hackable. I know this because I did it by accident once. (And no I'm not going to tell anyone how). I, personally, use K9 and see very little spam. Despite what the spammers may try, Baysian filters do work (at least for now). I do want to thank "Ellen" for posting a contact address.
  2. Since you don't have any links on your main page (ie. no way to just send you an e-mail), we would like to know why our e-mail server is listed ( We use Kerio and require a login to send e-mail so I doubt that anyone is sending spam through our server (Open relay). Naturally I want to know if there is a problem! Feel free to e-mail me with this information.
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