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  1. Your service is blocking my ability to communicate with my husband. Every time I send him an email it is bounced back. This is extremely unfair... we pay large sums of money to our internet providers each month and now because of you we cannot even communicate with one another. The providers say there is nothing they can do unless spamcop.net will release my domain (www.hunton.com) from your blocking list. Hunton.com is a private company that does not engage in spamming and has absolutely no reason to be on your block list. PLEASE REMOVE HUNTON.COM FROM YOUR BLOCKING LIST IMMEDATELY SO WE CAN COMMUNICATE WITH OUR LOVED ONES AND LEGITIMATE BUSINESS CONTACTS REGARDING ONGOING BUSINESS!!! Our IT department has been trying to reach any human being at spamcop.net to get this problem corrected, but have received no responses to their repeated inquiries. You are causing damage to our operations and need to take care of this problem IMMEDIATELY. Thank you.
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