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  1. Ripplehost is no longer on spamcop's BL, not sure why, but it is good news. Couple of questions: When it was on the BL last week, Spamcop was the only one to list it when I input their IP into http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/ip4r.ch?ip= Why would spamcop and not other lists have this hosts IP listed? Also, the spam database still responds: PTR " has no reverse DNS entry; some mail servers may not accept your mail" Is this a big problem, or would most mail servers accept email from Ripplehost anyway?
  2. I'm hoping this thread will be noticed over at ripplehost, where I posted the link. It's hard to for me to tell how much effort the admin over there has to go through, or is willing to go through to get it resolved. If it is a formmail hack, it seems it would be a easy fix for him though.
  3. Thanks, Miss Betsy, and Merlyn.
  4. I know, I know. I'll probably end up getting a host that is more responsive (expensive), but honestly, I've had fairly good uninterrupted service for over a year. I just thought I would post here to try to understand the problem. Can someone explain how you think the host is exploited?
  5. Their website exists at www.ripplehost.com
  6. wow. yep, that is my server alright server1.ripplehost.com what is the most common way that they exploit the server? is it by formmail - does that use php - or is it some other way?
  7. Thanks. I haven't a clue what all this means, but I will post this thread on the ripplehost.com forum and see what happens. Apparently the owner there is either unable or unwilling to solve this.
  8. I use ripplehost.com this is from spamcop http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?
  9. Does exploiting formmail entail PHP? Why wouldn't my ISP owner want to use one of the recommended fixes found in the FAQ here http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/270.html Would this make other users lose some functionality on their website? I only use my account for email.
  10. I thought I would post here before looking for another host. I signed up with a small host over a year ago and didn't have spam block problems until the last month or so. Now the isp is listed on spamcop, spamhaus and probably others. -edit- it was previously blacklisted on spamhaus several weeks ago, but not currently apparently - More and more of my email either bounces back as undeliverable, or doesn't go through at all. The host owner claims someone is using PHP and makes it extremely hard to find out who is abusing the system. I'm not sure what that statement means. Does that mean someone is spamming by using formmail, or could it be another tactic with php?
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