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  1. For the last few months, I've been getting occasional Chinese spams forwarded to me from Spamcop (anything from none to ten a day). I have "China the country" listed in my blacklist. When I then report the spams individually. the offending ISP is always in China. I asked a couple of weeks ago on news.spamcop.net and got told forcefully to look on here because there was a pinned message explaining it. I'm still getting Chinese spam - and I can't see a pinned message about it. Am I doing something wrong, or is the Country filter no longer working? An answer that doesn't tell me I'm a blithering idiot would be much appreciated versus...
  2. Keithj

    Are Country blacklists working?

    Well, I'm still getting up to ten a day spams from China that go straight through Spamcop and to me. Most are from the well-known ISPs such as chinanet.cn.net and mail.online.sh.cn. I have .cn in my blacklist, and also chinanet.cn.net since it doesn't end .cn. Here's a tracking URL from today. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z841219712z8e...d1b97655163d88z What am I doing wrong that Spamcop isn't catching these?
  3. Keithj

    Are Country blacklists working?

    Thanks! That helped a lot, and is appreciated. I've just spent 3 hard hours following that up and learning what some of this stuff means. I don' t know that I'm a whole lot wiser, but it helps. The article on "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" was an eye-opener. Sorry, Wazoo - I was working off a different "interpersonal relationships" model. I'm expected always to be totally polite, courteous, helpful, and sympathetic in what I do. The Internet seems to be a very different world - very much "shoot from the hip" with some inevitable collateral damage, unless you know what to expect. I do, now. I still don't know why the Chinese spam is/was getting past the filters, but the next batch that comes, I'll post some tracking URLs in an appropriate place (I know what they are now).
  4. Keithj

    Are Country blacklists working?

    What a helpful post. What's a tracking URL? You'll have to excuse me - I'm just an ordinary person, not a computer expert. Yes, I'm thick when it comes to computers. Those who aren't, tend not to be very helpful, I'm afraid.
  5. Keithj

    Are Country blacklists working?

    Thank you, turetzsr! Found it! Much appreciated. I did try a search for "Time Zone" but...
  6. Keithj

    Are Country blacklists working?

    I have no idea. I set up my spamcop account many years ago, and don't recall it asking me what time zone I'm in. I just looked at "Profile" and didn't see anything in there about time zone or how to change it.
  7. Keithj

    Are Country blacklists working?

    Not in Europe it doesn't, I'm afraid. My ISP offers a choice of two: But never mind.
  8. Keithj

    Are Country blacklists working?

    Yes, that's the kind of helpful answer I was afraid of getting. My first post on this subject was in one of the two groups in news.spamcop.net. Given a choice between groups called "spamcop.mail" and "spamcop.help" I had to pick one. spamcop.help didn't sound so silly to me. That first post was very polite, and received no response whatever. Nobody said "We need more information", which I would have understood. So I left it for a while and the spam carried right on flowing through Spamcop and to me. The second request was polite - not badmouthing, just saying I hadn't had a response. I got a long and totally unhelpful diatribe from a couple of people, and a helpful and short one from another user. At the end, a user wrote "I'm sorry you got flamed, but there are posters that love to flame any posting." He was right. Thanks for hitting me over the head with the advice about not using the Spamcop address as "account name". Unfortunately, I didn't get that advice until AFTER the account had been set up, which is why I then changed it - as you've no doubt seen since you've been fishing around in my details. I note that despite that advice, you felt at liberty to publish my Spamcop address on here. Different rules? I didn't bad-mouth anyone. I asked a civil question (twice), and got several aggressive answers that were no help. It was suggested that I should look in here. I did, and found a message that one of the lists was offline but would be back soon. I'm STILL getting Chinese spam passing through my Spamcop account. Is there anyone at Spamcop who can help - anyone who knows the answer and can give it in a civil way? Wazoo, if you have time to burrow in the archives for previous posts, and to fish around in my personal details on the system, surely you have time to be helpful rather than flame? It would be so much more use to the people (like me) who don't know all the answers and are looking for advice. Computers aren't my trade - they're a tool that I use as best I can, and I don't know all the stuff you do. So I don't do things the way you would. I still don't have the answer to my question, which I asked twice on the newsgroup and once in here. It's such a shame, really. I've had an account at Spamcop for many years and until now always been very happy with the service. I've recommended dozens of others to use Spamcop, and they've been very happy, too. I'm sorry to have bothered you, and sorry to have invaded your personal fiefdom. I'll leave you in peace to flame other people. Bye.
  9. Keithj

    Is it really doing any good?

    I've been using Spamcop for many years, and reckon it's the best $30 a year I spend on the Internet. I reckon on receiving about 100 spams and maybe 10-20 valid e-mails a day, and Spamcop catches 95%+ of the spam. There are just two spammers who never seem to get blacklisted, but who are behind almost every spam that reaches my "real" mailbox - forwarded there by Spamcop, after filtering. Those two are Verizon.net and Comcast.net. I'm not sure where they are based (I suspect the USA), and I really do not understand why they don't get blacklisted. I just reported 4 spams that made it through Spamcop. Guess what - all 4 for Verizon. Hey, Spamcop, how about these two? Why are they exempt?
  10. Keithj

    Messages not Filtered - Why?

    Useful information, and clarified some issues in my mind - thanks. My average is about 200 spams a day trapped by Spamcop, and about 100 genuine e-mails that are unhindered, so it's pretty good. There are usually about five Spams a day that get by - predominantly for fake Rolex watches, and usually from apparently genuine sources. Quite often these are sent to my spamcop.net address - the one I use for newsgroup postings - so the sender is clearly confident of bypassing the Spamcop filters (not many spammers seem to write to my Spamcop address). The most recent one (fake Rolex again) had a SpamAssassin score of 1.8, if that's of any significance. It also included a very large chunk quoted from a book (Mrs Zant and the Ghost, by Wilkie Collins), presumably to fox any content filters. Since I was reading the mail while on the road, over a GPRS link, it cost me something over $1 to download this one, so I'd be very happy if Spamcop could find a way to trap these "dictionary quoters". (I know, I should have turned on the message length trap on Mozilla, but I was tired and I forgot). Any hope of a fix for these?
  11. Keithj

    Korea Net Blacklist Problems

    The short version: Spamcop seems to think Bigfoot is a Korean spammer. The long version: It may or may not be relevant to this issue, but I just "reactivated" a long-dormant e-mail address that I have at bigfoot.com. A couple of years ago that address was being spammed badly, so I turned it off. I've now turned it back on and set it to forward to my Spamcop.net address. I had plans about what I might do with it if it's no longer being spammed to death - but as it turns out, all mail from it gets blacklisted by Spamcop with the message "Blocked korea.services.net" Maybe bigfoot is in Korea (I always thought it was US-based), but otherwise, is there a symptom somewhere in there to explain the problem above? I'm not concerned about the Bigfoot address - that can go. But if the diagnosis can help someone else, that's great.
  12. In the last few days, a fair proportion of the Held Mail in my mailbox has been completely blank - no "From" or "Subject" or message body. I'm baffled - if I tell Spamcop to forward these to me, nothing arrives. If I Spamcop them, they produce a blank line in the report. Is it just me, or is there a glitch somewhere?
  13. Keithj

    Blank Spam

    I have many e-mail accounts routing via Spamcop - some of them I have never used to send mail, yet they get spammed. I could go round turning off each one in turn, to find out where the blank e-mails are coming from - or turn them all off and watch. Before I did that, I was rather hoping for an answer on here that said "Yes, it's a known trick that some spammers are doing" with some information about it. If nobody else is getting it, then it's not a general thing and I'll do my own investigation. Surprised, though, with the number I get (like 15 - 20 a day) that nobody else is seeing this.
  14. Keithj

    spammer using my e-mail

    Exactly the same happened to me. A spammer was using my e-mail address as the "from" address (but with a different "name"). I was getting thousands of bounces a day. I had to disable that address. I did a lot of checking; the first few thousand bounces came from an ISP in the UK with an open relay. Their abuse department did nothing, but a formal, legal letter to the MD got the spam stopped. The abuse department claimed it was all from a virus on one of their customers' computers, which I don't believe since the spams continued for about three weeks, with different content every day. It restarted a few hours later from an open relay in Austria. It then continued through several other open relays. As far as I know, it's still going on - I don't see it any more. There's nothing you can do when this happens to you, apart from abandon that e-mail address. I got some slight revenge: most of the spams included an address for enquiries - this was commercial advertising, probably contracted out by reputable firms who didn't realise what was happening. So I set the domain server to forward all the bounces to the enquiry addresses in the spams. The advertisers, if legit, will have realised something is horribly wrong and hopefully will do something about it.
  15. Keithj

    Changing Spamcop email address

    Until this past week, I can't recall ever receiving spam that was sent directly to my Spamcop account - it all got caught in the filters. I'm now getting spam arriving in my PC, having been sent to me[at]spamcop.net and passed through Spamcop without being caught. Are the spammers getting cleverer, or is this just evolution?
  16. I have a bunch of e-mail addresses. My primary ISP provides 12, and I use those for business and various hobbies, plus I have some "free" dial-up ones for when I'm on the road. I also POP from Spamcop - I use my spamcop.net address for newsgroup postings - it's proved excellent at avoiding spam so far. Mozilla on the home machine POPs all the addresses. If one starts to get spammed, I stop POPping it from home and set Spamcop to POP it instead. That's very easy to turn on and off as the need arises. In fact, it's a brilliant service from Spamcop.
  17. Keithj

    smoking or non-smoking lounge?

    Fine on the brandy. Fine on a nice Havana. NO WAY to cigarettes.
  18. Keithj

    GMT No Longer Recommended

    It's Zulu for the military and for pilots. It's GMT for the British. The French bureaucracy hates the British (wanted the prime meridian moved to Paris), so refuses to allow "GMT". They will allow the letters U T and C in any order you like. I'm not often in enough of a hurry for that 0.9 second to make a lot of difference. Microsoft hasn't been able to synchronise my PC clock in years (so the error log tells me) but it's still within a minute or so.
  19. Keithj

    They're using MY name!

    I've been having the same problem: spam with my e-mail address forged as the origin. The sending ISP is in the UK but ignores all complaints etc. I have now sent a formal complaint to the UK Data Protection Registrar and to OfCom: those are the "official" bodies, but I've never heard of either taking action. From what I can see, they only collect money in the form of registration fees from legitimate users and pass it to the Government. They don't prosecute :-( It started with my e-mail address being put into the subject line of spam sent to me from various sources. I think spamcopping them has annoyed them, so they've chosen me as their victim. Fortunately, in this case the victim could change address and escape.