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    blocking reasons

    I've written down to deputies. I've already analized my firewall logs (more times) and all activities seems to be normal. We have thousands of xDSL customers and this blacklisting make me crazy. I hope you (and deputies) can help me as soon as possible.
  2. alfio

    blocking reasons

    Ok I've verified my mail server and all the activities seems to be normal. Can you send me some traps to understand the origin of the problem? (I cannot find in my logs any abnormal activity) thx
  3. alfio

    blocking reasons

    Hi, i'm the postmaster of a small ISP. SpamCop blacklisted my mail server ( 3 days ago. But i cannot find any message in abuse or postmaster email that justify this blacklisting. I take a look to other anti spam distributed databases and my server isn't listed. What are the evidence causing this blacklisting? I can take no action without knoledgment of cause of this long blacklisting. Can someone help me? (there is no open relay on my server, no mail on abuse and no autoresponders) Regards, Alfio