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  1. Same problem here for me. Yesterday (10/02) the error was sporadic. Today it is constant. Doesn't work in CHROME Doesn't work in new (chromium-based) EDGE Doesn't work in Firefox. Got it to work in VIVALDI (Also Chromium based) Now, I just went back to EDGE, and it is working again...... Something is broke! Also, LONG time user of SPAMCOP....
  2. This problem has recently (last 7-10 days) popped up. Every report I attempt to submit, ends up with this or similar: Parsing header: host 2002:a81:8705:0:0:0:0:0 (getting name) no name 0: Received: by 2002:a81:8705:0:0:0:0:0 with SMTP id x5-v6csp1438670ywf; Thu, 24 May 2018 07:42:11 -0700 (PDT) No unique hostname found for source: 2002:a81:8705:0:0:0:0:0 Possible forgery. Supposed receiving system not associated with any of your mailhosts Will not trust this Received line. Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source Mailhost: Please correct this situation - register every email address where you receive spam No source IP address found, cannot proceed. The email was sent to my GMAIL address, I then tried to reprocess my MAILHOSTs configuration for GMAIL. No help! Any ideas? Tracking URL is: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6466300524z8c4f8dd4c37bd064db31639836fe7077z
  3. I can also confirm the problem for both popping YAHOO and GMAIL. Last mail appears to have come in at about 7:41 US Eastern.
  4. The pop process from YAHOO & GMAIL servers, seems to have stopped after about 4:45PM US Eastern time today! I have mail waiting on yahoo servers. Yahoo Mail pops from pop.att.yahoo.com GMAIL Mail pops from pop.gmail.com Also the 'configure' page, both servers show an error count of 0 and a last error of none. TIA !
  5. Interesting...... I have ALL BL's on, PLUS Greylisting enabled, and I see very little spam make it past SPAMCOP. I use ATT(YAHOO) for my emauil. Their filters catch about 4-5 a day, and 1-2 are false. SPAMCOP a few that ATT misses..
  6. I would vote to tag it as closed for now... I have not seen any re-occurances in the last 2 weekends. Also some digging seems to indicate Yahoo was screwing around (aka planned changes) with their server and email farms...
  7. Problem seem to be back, with a vengance!! I had problems since Friday, but just kept waiting it out... (Reason: I had problems earlier in the week and they cleared themselves) It is appearing that SPAMCOP is unable to 'pop' Yahoo servers... At first it was various error codes including "Unknown error".... Now I have getting "cannot contact server" It appears there is something broke on one end or the other.... I would like to point fingers [at] Yahoo, but I have other family members that 'pop' Yahoo servers fine, from within OUTLOOK. Is it possible that the SMAPCOP server(s) and or process(es) need to be restarted? Thanks! I will also send a note to SERVICE Ca
  8. Appears to be cleaning up in the last half hour... strange.
  9. I realize (from a prior note to admin) that popping of mail is on a 'every so often basis', whose time interval gets elongated every time the server says basically "I'm busy, go away"... However sinze Friday, the popping has been very erratic. Right now I have mails stting on Yahoo server since Firday 7:37AM (US Eastern) Once in a while one or 2 make it. Sometimes a batch makes it in. But I still 150+ in yahoo inbox SPAMCOP is now showing 'unknown error 24 GMAIL pops fine, and consistent. Is this on SPAMPCOP's end, or has YAHOO dorked their server farm again? Thanks!!
  10. Appears RESOLVED [at] 9:43AM US Eastern, at least for me!
  11. Same here. Error count is zero. Last error code is 0. I also sent a note to support[at]spamcop......
  12. It WAS fixed and I did use popgate2 to pick up mail from - pop.yahoo.att.com - popgate2.cesmail.com (3 accounts) - pop.gmail.com But now is broke again...... However, pop.gmail.com seems to be working. Error returned is "cannot contact server"
  13. Just had successful 'pop's on all servers with no errors! Thanks to whomever fixed it!!
  14. I am having same problems, but not just with popgate2.cesmail.net, Also pop.att.yahoo.com and pop.gmail.com I reset all my passwords It seemed to pop again and then die... Openned a 'ticket' via service[at]spamcop.net
  15. I have just noticed (it may have been going on for a while, or always) that smtp.cesmail.net, fails a 'Reverse DNS' test. Some of the sites I send to, add a very high spam score for this and/or reject the mail. Is this normal? Or can the records be updated to 'reverse DNS' works? Thanks!!
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