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  1. I came in here once before because my server got blacklisted and it appears that maybe it has been again.Last time I was here I was very angry and not handling my anger very well,my mother had died in June thanks to her doctors botching up her case every step of the way...had a lot of stress and a lot of anger building up inside so when I was basically told if I didn't like it move to another server I was more than a bit ticked since thats not as simple as was implied. I still don't like the set up or being puniched cause someone else on my server got it blacklisted,but at least I understand now its not Spamcops fault but rather the way servers are set up so you really don't have a choice. This is my server st03.startlogic.com. and I do believe it has been blacklisted if the info I found on this is correct.Not gonna raise hell,just wondering if there is any progress on ways Spamcop might be able to go after the offender and not the server. On a second note,I keep getting spam with my personal isp sonet.net listed as the senders email provider and yet they assure me these people are not using their server and it shouldn't have their addy in the senders url.I know I'm being a bit vague here but was wondering if you have any idea what could be going on as I would like to report this but I don't want to get my own isp blacklisted y'know...and if there is something else that could be going on I definately don't want to get them blacklisted. Thank you
  2. Thanks...as Miss Betsy recognised right off the bat I am a newbie at this and as a newbie there are a few points~first is that to me my site and my server are one if what happens to one happens to all~IE,they get put on a list and I get put on a list~thus when I speak of my site being blocked most tech sites I've mentioned this on instantly realise I mean the server~maybe Wazoo needs to take a chill pill and not take personal what was said in frustration and not directed at him personally until he made it personal. Second point,I wanted to know how my site got on the list,show me something...dra007 understood and he did just that and for that I thank you.I asked repeatedly to see something and you understood...again,maybe its just common speech. You guys keep referring to the faq and totally missed the reason I was ignoring you...because the bounced pm's said that the sole reason they were rejected was because of your blacklist and I did send a copy of one of the pm's to Steven as I was requested to do in the forum~I explained that I don't want to accidentally leave any info that might lead back to the member by posting in the forum~guess you don't understand hesitation when a members private information is an issue.Steven said he got all the info on his own that was included in what I sent him,he just did a domain search and got the server info~not the info I provided to him in the pm which was what I was questioning. The I dunnos and I guesses made me even angrier and for that I apologise...I thought the process you used would require you to verify that the complaints were valid and that you should,out of courtesy if nothing else,inform the sites on the server that they were blacklisted...but you didn't do the blacklisting yourself,you only provide the blacklist to those who do.You also cannot tell the people on the server they will be blacklisted because on a shared server basically prevents this...you can only contact the server host.Still doean't mean the process itself is right and I seem to have noticed in your own comments a bit of reservation in your voice about saying it was...just it was the only way you see to do it. Below is a copy of one of the rejected pm's with the members email X'ed out...I asked for permission first which is something any responsible site admin would do with anything concerning a members info. Hi. This is the qmail-send program at st03.startlogic.com. I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX>: failed after I sent the message. Remote host said: 554 5.7.1 Your server st03.startlogic.com [] is listed by the blacklist bl.spamcop.net. Please contact your Dial-Up/DSL/Network ISP Provider. (http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= --- Below this line is a copy of the message. Return-Path: <webmaster[at]dreamslayerartworks.com> Received: (qmail 5267 invoked by uid 80); 11 Sep 2004 20:09:41 -0000 To: Undisclosed-recipients: ; Subject: Topic Reply Notification - American Education~ Reply-to: webmaster[at]dreamslayerartworks.com From: webmaster[at]dreamslayerartworks.com Message-ID: <5dcc419153b37921f7081422e6f8ae11[at]www.dreamslayerartworks.com> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 13:09:41 -0700 X-Priority: 3 X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: PHP X-MimeOLE: Produced By phpBB2 Now I'm sure you'll say there was no reason not to post this earlier...but if there is any member nfo here that I leave by accident then I have done the member a disservice~she said just delete her email addy. The reason I point to you as the source here is that the only reason given for the email rejection was the spamcop blacklist...the fact is that when I came in here I was furious,I asked for specific info only to be told you didn't know or couldn't provide so my anger grew.Then when you guys started getting hostile I really blew my top...the #1 responsibility of a good site admin is to keep his cool while everyone else may be losing theirs...if nothing else,you stop replying to let the matter die on its own accord and you damn sure don't go back with guns blazing like what was done here.I even told you to lock the thread...when a topic gets too hot and people are name calling,thats the first thing you do as you can always unlock it later if you want. You recognised that I came in here being courteous and trying to present my case...but with each response you can tell I was getting angrier and you can also tell this is the first time I've dealt with an issue like this.You make assuptions that I didn't read the faq...wrong,I did but it did not answer specifics.When I am accused of something wrong it does not matter if its guilt by association...I will confront you and you better have answers or you're gonna have one raging individual on your hands.I also hope that you don't blacklist a hospital some day by accident because they choose to advertise online like they do everywhere else...you may only provide the list,but if someone dies because you did not verify the source~the negative backlash itself will be enough to destroy this site~it may be up to the ISP's to decide who to blacklist,but a mistake will make people question how a hospital got on your blacklist. I apologise for losing my temper,but it seems the members here have no problem providing specific answers to my questions and they fully understand my frustration...I took a day away to cool off and as a member I am entitled to blow off some steam~but as an admin you must at all times act professional and if you find yourself too angry to hold your tongue,then you don't reply at all.My actions were born out of the fury of finding my site listed on a blacklist when by your own admission we probably did nothing wrong...your anger,however,was due to your inability to step away and remain professional in how you addressed this matter~in fact,if you had simply stopped replying so too would I!!You keep saying I need to read the faq...seems someone needs to go find out how an admin should conduct himself and learn that you do not have to keep replying to every post especially when its self defeating and makes you look like an ass!I can lash out here and I can lash out at you...but I would never conduct myself that way with a member of my site,I may not understand blacklisting but I am a damn good admin and people that know me know that I usually can find answers to problems when I say I can~of course you don't know me so you have no reason to take me at my word. Final words here...take a chill pill,sit back and relax...go get a beer and watch a little tv...calm down and always remember,someone finds themselves blacklisted don't expect them all to come in here happy faced and full of yes sirs and thank yous~some will come in here furious and you better learn to step away when you clearly see that you're not helping the situation or actually making it worse!Told ya when I came back I'd be calmer...but see in my absence Wazoo wasn't:( Thanks Miss Betsy,dra007 and WB8TYW...you guys gave me what I wanted and you didn't lose your cool:P
  3. My point guys is that I do understand that its not you doing the blocking and said so in my last reply...but you supply the info that they use to make this decision.On another site I actually had a former server administrator explain to me that you guys are a reporting agency...you yourselves do not take blocking actions but you do provide the information they use to make their decisions and if that information is false or incorrect it is not their responsibility to verify.She told me that if you are the agency relaying the information then it is your responsibility to verify it...how simple is that.You don't burn the witches...you just provide the information used to justify it. I might also point out how frustrating this has been for me,I am an ardent anti spammer so to be falsely accused to me is the ultimate insult!I do not care about policies,I do not care about spammers...what I care about and my immediate concern was finding out how I got on that list and how to get off it.My frustration was made worse by your saying to contact my server when they had no idea what I was talking about and trying to explain to me how you don't block anyone...I understood but got angrier because I wanted information as to how we got on this because if we actually did do something misconstrued as spam I need to know and since you gathered the info you're the only ones who would know where I could begin looking to find out.There's no exemption on this so we could go on this report again in the future and I don't even know how we got on it this time except that maybe it was someone else on the server.You gave me no specific answers...nothing I could use to find out and yet you are the ones who gathered the info.Even if you don't have specifics,surely you have a record of where the info came from right?I don't want who made the complaint...I only want to know the agency who reported it to you and feel we have a right to know,to find out how this happened so if the fault was ours we could avoid it again...and if we have a member who falsely accused us,that member will be banned from our site after all this garbage! As for personal attacks...I don't see anywhere where I called you or anyone here in specific a name or expressed a direct comment of anger.For you to lose your cool and make this personal with your smartass remarks was uncalled for...you think I missed your point,well buddy you missed mine cause you are the one supplying them the info~you set this in motion regardless if it was just a nameless IP address,you lumped everyone on that server together and made no effort to give us or our server a chance to avoid this....now if you did alert our server then fault is theirs for not acting or informing us~but don't recall you saying you did that,you just slapped the number on a list and sent it out.If I'm wrong I'm wrong but after your last reply I really don't care!! The only one here keeping their head while everyone else lost theirs is dra007...and yet,I ask you if you were running an honest site and someone did this to you wouldn't you be furious even to the point of blind fury???Maybe you do report these things,but as an honest site owner shouldn't I be given access to this information so we can work together to resolve a mutual problem???I mean the goal here is to stamp out spam...not to persecute the innocent with the guilty right??You say you report these things daily because of irresponsible server hosts...but are they doing anything illegal by not doing what you want???I don't know what the other sites on my server are doing...but trust me,if given even half a chance I would have been all over my server to avoid this happening and instead I'm all over you guys for doing this to me!!! No legitimate site wants to be falsely labelled a spammer and many share your views about spam...but what if one of your site watchers reports sites they don't like or abuses the system you have set up,I read and if I missed anything in your faq and so on that says you protect sites and fellow members from this,please point it out!!From the comments I got here it doesn't matter how the report comes in...you'll add the site to your list. Again...yes I know you don't blacklist anyone so do not repeat that accusation again...but again,you provide the info to those who do and there should be a process for verifying that the complaint is legit before doing so!! If you think I'm giving you nothing but headaches,I want you to imagine me doing this to my server instead!!If you had a better system in place that turns people sharing servers into allys rather than insulting them by putting them on your damn list as spammers~just imagine the success you might achieve!!But for all your good intent,you are the ones listed on the bounced pm's as being responsible for the information...once you falsely accuse someone like me of something I am innocent of you will damn sure have a fight on your hands.I served six months in jail for a crime I didn't have any knowledge of in 1989 and my mother just died recently...this was the absolute worst time for this matter to pop up and the wrong person for it to happen to!!If given even half a chance...I guarantee you that any future complaints about spamming from my server will result in my server host getting one hell of a beating as I don't care about facts that mean nothing to me~what means something to me is that I will not be falsely labelled as guilty either by someone who falsely labels me as such because all they have is a number and a lot of I dunnos or becasue of some scum bag who is gonna get me in trouble by association because we share a server.Rethink your policy...at least from the view of trying to inform others on the server about what may be about to happen!!Also,until spamming is actually made illegal,stop persecuting these people and anyone caught in the backwash...segregating them to a server that can be blocked by spam services like spamcop is the way to deal with it and you won't achieve that with this "blame them all" response...I for one have other ideas for dealing with spam that would be far more effective and if they don't work then by god we find new ways to attack it until something works without victimising everyone else in the process!! I will warn you...if you want me to stop replying then lock this thread...all thats emerging from it is anger and frustration but no answers!!!I got hold of a different person representing technical support on my server host while ago and they will be contacting you even if it will take up to 48 hours to get us off this list.Mark my name and my site...if this happens again in the future give me a warning as I am not against you or your goals,I am thoroughly pissed that you put my site on that list and I assure you I would rather attack the spammer than attack you guys~but by god you put me on a list with these son of a bitches and then provide no info on how you got the report,you're damn straight I'll attack you because no one does that to me when I'm innocent~but likewise,I can turn this anger at the server just as easily if its "before" being added to a spam list!!IIts a crying shame that this is all you can do...the courts protect the spammers by in large because what they do is no different than people who send you sales papers by mail courier...but it is also quite legal to ask my post office to prune my junk mail and I do that with my isp in regards to spam!The key point is that virtually all the junk mail I get is from the actual merchant or local source and even at that I get one circular from each...most spammers are not merchants nor do they even have the product in their possession~therein lay one essential difference that should be a focal point for the "legal" battle against spam.Th e greatest irony is that the spammers are now using services like spamcop in their defence,you are there to protect us against spam so why is there a need for legislation to stop spam~and the legislators are agreeing with that argument now from what I've found online about this subject.So the very fact that you exist can now be used as a tool by spammers to fight legislation against them...so you in turn have to get smarter to take these smug son of a bitches down and the tactic that caught my site in the backwash is not the way to do it. You guys get me wrong...I do respect you and what you stand for,you just misunderstood my pov and provided guesses and dunnos when I wanted answers or at least specifics for finding out how this happened so I can take action to prevent it happening again. Now be a good gent and lock the thread...I assure you future contact between us will be more civil but there's too much frustration and anger here and whether you accept it we all contributed to one anothers hostility when in fact we should be working together!
  4. Oh and yeah,I spoke directly to my admins server and I just recieved a reply "WE do not blacklist anyone in any fashion and we haven't the slightest idea why you were told to contact us on this issue.WE do however employ lists provided to us from outside partys to determine our selection of who to add to our blocked senders list,but we do not however collect the information ourselves and we do offer to our clients the option to add anyone else to their blocked senders list that they prefer. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused to you and your enterprise,we have spoken to the client in question and we have removed your sites name from our list of blocked senders after reviewing the circumstances of your request. We do not understand the reasoning as to why your site was added to this list if it was not in violation of any policy set forth to determine unwanted spam mailings...we will consider more carefully in the future whom we add to our list and from whom we recieve such information if the case as you presented to us is accurate.Again,we are sorry for this inconvenience and offer to you a free months service with us if you make the switch to ..........." Anyway,you get the picture.I got one ISP to remove us from their blocked servers list and in the process I would imagine whoever that spammer is will now have full access to this ISP if what you say is true...but I am not writing to every ISP host that my members choose,I'm just going to inform everyone who uses your service to contact me and have them do it...so in the end if what you say is true you have achieved nothing save for making one person extremely angry with you who actually supports your fight against spam~I just didn't know what your policy was before on this and think that if you believe this is a better way...then you need to think again. Tell me who the spammer on my server is...there is no law that says my server can't put known spammers on one server to protect the rest of their clients~but I need to know who it is first if its up to me to do this on my own and they have the right to verify on their own that these people are indeed guilty~you should act as a reporting agency,some of us actually do have better ideas for dealing with spam and maybe our ideas are better than yours.
  5. To begin,the members I speak of who do not recieve the emails they are supposed to recieve have told me that they have tried to correct the situation on their end and still are not recieving the emails.And no I am not missing the point...you guys are the ones who put my site on a blacklist so I expect to know why.You say for me to post the evidence here in the forums,I sent one of the bounced pm's to SteveUnderwood by email and there was no reply.You fail to understand...you are the ones who blacklisted my site and all I ask is for a reason why~you say that if one site on a server that has many sites is a spammer,you choose to ban them all as the best option. Thus,I have every right to be angry with your choice being that my site is not spamming...you lump me in with people I consider to be grimy filth and yet you expect me to sit back and listen to your logic...not hardly!!You say you've held my hand to explain and you're tired...and yet,you guys probably put out more spam than my site ever will and you have the gall to say that I deserve this??? Again I ask a simple question...I change servers and theres a spammer there,you block it~what then,go to another server that could also have a spammer on it?? Explain to me the law in regards to what spammers are doing...exactly where does it say that what they do is illegal?There may have been legal decisions made in regards to abuse...but you have not even addressed it from that pov!Neither have you as yet even proven there's a spammer on that server or that even if they have sent out a few spam emails,their actions are so grossly over the top that you can justify slamming every site on that server! What if its someone who send out what someone considers to be spam but that the rest of us don't??Then the fact that they don't know who made the complaint comes into play...everyone has their own definition of spam and if just one person thinks something is spam and continues to complain,should that deprive the rest of us of recieving the email when we don't consider it spam?? What I asked for was an evaluation of my situation and was told to go talk to my server host...I already did that before even coming here and they don't know whats going on basically.Again,you guys are the ones who put my site on this list even if it was reported to you from someone else...there should be a system in place to verify that what you get is legit and if there is a spammer on my server,tell me who they are so I can directly confront my server host with something other than "well spamcop said to ask you"!You think this is frustrating on your end...look at it from my pov!! I have a site,its been added to a blacklist,there's no proof given or even an explanation for my specific case except to go look at the faq's which only speak of this in a general non specific matter.When I ask about my site in specific all I get are "I dunno" ,"go ask your server" and so on...you have put me in a helpless position in regard to details specific to my site being blacklisted and because of that it seems as if you are doing this maliciously! It is not right to blacklist every site on a server so that legit sites will put pressure on their servers to do something more about spamming...if its not illegal then what can they do except violate the legal rights of these people to put out this garbage!!That in turn puts the question on you about the legality of putting people on a blacklist that could do financially irreperable harm to them when they themselves have done nothing wrong!You may feel you have the right or maybe its not illegal because so much is not illegal on the internet that would be otherwise...but that brings up the issue of moral right. But in the end,the real issue here is that you make your money representing consumers not site owners...problem is,many of the members I speak of are site owners and they pay you to protect them from spam~they don't like the fact that you could do to them what you're doing to me.Again I ask...how would you feel if instead of blacklisting us we blacklisted you and caused people to lose trust in your service?Thats what you're doing to us...and there are a lot of free alternatives to spamcop now being offered by ISP's themselves~they don't need to pay for this type of service and if you don't address issues like this now you will hurt yourselves in the long run. Again,I am not pro spam and as for the reason my posts are so long...I view myself as a victim here and you're basically trying to justify it while admitting I'm guilty of nothing~how would you react to that!!I ask for specifics,you have no specific answers to share so I can deal with this...you could at least see the logic in verufying if I am the offender or not,tell me who it is when you determine I am innocent and let me go after these sumbitches myself on my sever host!!If you want me to put pressure on my server host to do something...give me something to do it with other than "I dunno"!!!Is that too much to ask!?
  6. I totally agree...but I also wish to point out that you don't throw the baby out with the dishwater lol.I am writing the addys you listed,I am contacting my server again,I am reading the info on this site that you suggested...but I again point out that if it turns out that this is in error then all of this is a needless hassle. Basically from what I'm gleaming already,I could send a report about spam and if the organization I send it to agrees then it gets blacklisted...but what if the person determining this is the one causing the problem.I mention this as like I said I have an art site,I am also a member of other art sites and one of the #1 problems they have are that the admins and moderators often determine the TOS or rules their own way and works that do not violate the TOS get pulled,the artists are humiliated and in the end they get huge apologies in almost every case~happens all the time. The MSN and Yahoo groups I belong to basically have the same problems as they make lists of spammers and we have found that most don't really understand the difference between spam and something they think is spam.If you get an unwanted email that in an of itself does not constitute spam,if you allow people to post links to their projects or endeavors then someone else posts something you disagree with...that is not spam because you allowed others to post such links of general interest on your site and if the members don't want to check it out then don't click the link. The biggest problem we have been dealing with is the definition of spam...one member argued that when you get stuff in your postal box you don't call it spam and can ask your local post office to filter all that stuff out~she did that and they also filterred out some important documents she needed because they determined it was packaged like junk mail. The problem I am now seeing in the service you offer is that you do not determine if anyone is at fault and by attacking the server you are doing the same as attacking the local post office because they put junk mail in our boxes...I agree with the fight against spam and I agree that the servers should be more aggressive in combatting it~however,I do not agree with blacklisting people who have done nothing wrong and if I learned anything about history its that blacklists are the tools of totalitarianism and hurting the innocent with the guilty often results in more innocent than guilty being harmed!!!I have yet to find anywhere where it says that spam is illegal and yet neither was communism or being a jew~they got blacklisted too and this whole experience has opened my eyes~I now consider that blacklisting is not as simple a matter as I had thought earlier when I heard others complaining that they had been falsely labelled as spammers.I would think that the burden of proof would not be on me...I think I argued my innocence clear enough and you reply that its the server thats to blame then.I disagree...unless you provide evidence of a crime being committed you have no right to take action,if in your eyes spamming is wrong then provide proof that spamming actually took place from the server rather than put the burden on those who were caught in the backwash of your actions to prove they have done nothing wrong. What has me angry about this is that you say to have my email put on another server,but what if that one gets listed too??Also,I don't see how the server host can be made to take action if spamming isn't illegal??All I see is a report that could in fact be false,you blacklist my site without finding anything wrong being committed by anyone on my site and then say if one site gets reported for spam on a server that could have hundreds of legit sites that don't spam on it...all the sites should be blacklisted and the server host held accountable for not acting when in fact by law no crime has been committed!!??I think blacklisting can be effective if used properly,but when I asked for proof that my site was guilty of wrong then you reply it doesn't have to be my site...can be any site on the server for which I am not responsible and the server may not even legally have a right to take action against the guilty party because spamming isn't illegal :angry: So,next question will come after I get the replys from the links you gave...they better provide me not only with general info,they better provide me with specifics of their report as I take this matter very seriously~its my sites reputation as well as my own at stake and I WILL NOT BE TREATED AS A CRIMINAL OR A LOW LIFE SPAMMER without someone providing me with the detailed specific information!!I hate spammers and I will not be classified in their number when nothing my site does is spam.I expected to get details from you or information...seems you don't even have that info,you got it from someone else and didn't require them to give you details to verify the truth in their actions before taking your own.Its insulting to be added to a spammers list and I think most of the loudest voices against spamming are probably from people who don't have their own sites or forums and thus don't understand how angry people like myself get to be blacklisted when we did nothing wrong!!!The server didn't blacklist me without proof of any wrong doing,spamcop did and I don't see a shred of evidence provided to justify the action...just a supposition that if I am not at fault it must be the server~no,if you take such action then you keep a record detailing why such action was taken and you send a warning to the people you list before taking such action!! Sorry if I seem just a tad furious...I am an avid anti spam supporter and to be listed as a spammer for some boneheaded reason that can't even be specifically detailed or because another site on a server that could include hundreds of sites for all I know~man this is just the ultimate insult and has made me totally review everything I believe about my own stand against spamming because I do not agree with any policy that brands anyone of being guilty of a crime they didn't commit when you have no proof that a crime had even been committed and their innocence itself is really not in question!!!Thats ludicrous!!
  7. Ok,sent the pm with one of the bounced notifications....also,if this was a legitimate complaint,I will need the info of the complaint in order to address this properly with my server.If they know that there is a problem and are denying it I need the proof to show them...if it was a complaint about "my site",I also need to know the exact details about the complaint so that the validity of the complaint can be verified. Anyone can make a complaint Steven...the question now is to determine if the complaint was a legitimate one and I need the info.Now back to checking the addys to see if I can find the info myself but will be back if I can't...because if this complaint was about my site I know its not legit.
  8. So basically you're saying that I could be sharing this email server with up to a hundred others and if only one of these is a spammer we all get blacklisted? Also that we could be blacklisted and not even know it because the messages are auto deleted rather than bounced?? I hope I'm reading this wrong as I would think that~ #1 Anyone added to your blacklist would be informed when the action was taken and #2 That surely you wouldn't block everyone sharing a server because one person using the server was a spammer?? I recieved no such notification at any point unless it was "auto deleted" and I have already asked my server so unless they were dishonest,they report you have not informed them either.I also understand that under such circumstances we are supposed to be informed by law...if I am misinformed I would appreciate clarification. I will go do some research on this,but I do not see how we could be blacklisted because of someone elses actions on the server nor be informed of it when the action was taken.As for the info,I will send you a pm because I will not share sensitive information in a public forum...now off to check the information you told me to look at.
  9. We get these replys direct from only a few members Steven...I have checked the ip addresses and they are for these members so if someone else is getting them I have heard nothing from them.Its an automated process and sends the notifications direct to the ip address and no one else.If it were going to non members who don't want the notifications or even members that don't,I would recieve failed delivery notifications from these people...but I'm not,just members who want them.
  10. PS...We don't send any mail to non members,so this had to be one of our registered members or some overzealous nimrod trying to cause us problems.I think that before you add someone to your list that it should be examined first to see what the nature of the complaint is and if this really is a matter of spamming...in our case it clearly wasn't and yet some complaint got us on this list.
  11. Steven I have an art site and have been getting notices of failed delivery for some time now in particular from one of my admin.I spoke with her about it and she's furious because these are not spam,they are notifications of replys to comments in the forums and in most cases they were actually started by her.I also have recieved failure notices for a few other members...mind you,these are instant notifications of comment replys and I get the failure notices because its my site. Now,I did notice the hostility of some commentors here in the past which is why I did not register or complain before.The bitter irony is that I have joined in with friends on Yahoo and MSN to fight spamming....strange isn't it lol.I know how hostile people can be on this issue,but I also know how hostile they can be when a legitimate claim of innocence is made.We have only recently begun posting a newsletter and its a slow process,but I know its not the newsletter because this has been going on for some time now and only a few members are having a problem...none want the auto mailings from the site blocked and if this is going to be a problem I can assure you that we can be as against spamcop as we are spam itself~the pathway to hell is lined with good intentions,lets not let this be one of them since we are essentially on the same side and anyone not wishing to be alerted from our site can simply mark so in their preferences and they won't recieve our instant mailings. But the rejection notifications I'm getting now list spamcop as the reason why they were rejected because we are listed on your blacklist...I can understand the need for your service and support it,but we are not spamming people,we sell nothing on our site and we don't even have any ads on our site let alone our email mailings or even our newsletter. I believe this to be in error as we do not belong on a spam blacklist...and anyone who feels we should be can come by my site,check the preferences and notice that you can block our mailings yourself in the preferences!So if a complaint was lodged,then its due to the ignorence of those who raised the complaint,but so far of all the people active on my site not one has admitted to making the complaint and all acknowledge that they understand about the preferences! Thank you...my site is Dreamslayerartworks...anti spam/pro anti spamming!!!
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