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    No unique hostname found for source

    Thanks A.J.Mecheynck, That worked for me. I use Google's Inbox for Gmail, and this only adds about 2 mouse clicks and less than 5 seconds to the time it takes me to submit a spam to SpamCop. I only paste the X-Received line into the comment box; I don't type anything, and that has never raised any problems. My guess would be that deleting the X-Received line is all that matters, and that the user's comment isn't needed at all.
  2. Cowboy Bob

    ipv6 still unsupported?

    I have successfully used the above "cut and paste-into-the-comments" method to get SpamCop to correctly handle three messages that had generated "nothing to report" on first submission to SpamCop. All three had X-Received with 2002: at the front of the address. I'm using Google's Inbox for gmail app, and this work-around only adds a few mouse clicks to my routine. I also noted that messages with X-Received with 10. at the front are processed properly by SpamCop without applying this hack. So what's the big deal? Why would it be so hard for SpamCop to fix it? Is SpamCop monitoring this forum? What does it take to poke them into fixing a broken system?
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    No unique hostname found for source

    Is anyone aware of any blog posts, news articles, news releases, or any other indication that Google and/or SpamCop is aware of this new kind of spam and that they are doing anything about it (or have decided not to)? I'm very uneasy living in a world where the evidence points to the conclusion that the bad guys are winning.
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    No unique hostname found for source

    Am I to understand from this discussion that this is a rapidly escalating problem that is beyond my control, and that all I can do when I get the "nothing to report" message from SpamCop is to ignore it, and hope that sometime soon Google and/or SpamCop can figure out how to fix the problem?