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  1. I contacted the deputies and we confirmed that the emails for Reports Ready to be Processed were in fact being sent and no bounce notifications were being received. I went back to level 3 support in my ISP. They found that new security protocols had been implemented which includes the requirement for a valid current DMARC for a message acceptance. SpamCop's DMARC is not current per their definition. Deputies are aware of that issue now and working to find a solution but it's complicated. It's not a simple matter of saying mail with a from address of @spamcop.net will come from a particular server or set of servers. The record has to remain open because there are tens of thousands of users out there with @spamcop.net/@cesmail.net/@cqmail.net addresses that send through their own servers. If the domain is locked down in a DMARC record it would break their ability to send mail. While the issue is being worked, I just have to remember to subsequently login and report the messages I've submitted. I'll post here what the Deputies conclude.
  2. Got it -- thanks. Logged into reporting>preferences and the email address is correct. Interestingly, I received email notification of your post -- that's the first SpamCop communication since the issue started. May be due to update of notification settings yesterday.
  3. I submitted 4 spam messages this morning with the same result: no email received that reports were ready, went to website, found them as Reports Saved, cleared by reported them. I don't see Preferences but I went to Settings> Account Settings and the email address and password there are correct. I checked notifications and although I'm set to receive en email when there is new content on a post I start or follow, I am not receiving those emails either (as I always have before). "Notify me of replies" is also checked at the bottom of this Topic. Under Notification Settings there is a box to the right that says"Browser notifications not enabled". I clicked on "Enable browser notifications", response said I would shortly be prompted to allow notifications from SpamCop but I did not receive that prompt or request. So: Submissions are received since they appear as Reports Saved. There is no bounce flag after logging in SpamCop is on my whitelist Settings call for emails when content is added to topic I create but they have stopped. If SpamCop tried to send those emails that reports were ready to be processed, I would have received them or seen them in my spam folders; or they would have bounced and I'd see a bounce flag on the site. It seems communication is not being originated from SpamCop to my email address.
  4. I don't see a bounce flag when I log into Spamcop. I do see reports that have been saved which I then clear by reporting them. My ISP is not putting them in my spam folder which I check (via webmail distinct from my email client). Spamcop is on my whitelist but i will get in touch with my ISP to discuss the issue. Any other idea, I'm all ears..........
  5. For the past 2 days I haven't received email notices that reports are ready to be processed. When I logged into the website, the reports were there under Reports Saved. I went ahead and submitted those reports. How do I receive email notices again rather than having the reports saved on the website?
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