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  1. I appreciate the links to the other threads. I can see that it appears to no longer use Spamassassin, which is what caused so many false positives, for me. But, I am just not comfortable trusting an anti-spam system to never throw away a valid email. Mostly because, if it does, I'll never know about it. The vast majority of these testimonials that say, "I've never had a false positive with Cisco Reputation System." are mostly meaningless. Every attempt the other person makes to say, "Hey, did you get my email?" will probably also be deleted. So, the recipient will never find out about it. I know that some anti-spam systems are very good. My dad tells me he has been using Norton's for a few years, and has stopped skimming the held mail. I don't know that he's *never* had a false positive, but apparently it's an extremely rare occurrence. But I can't make myself do that. Not without being able to check up on it for the first 10,000 or so spams. Drake Christensen
  2. The only one I got was Aug 9. I am also very concerned by the wording of, "deleting anything that looks like spam." Ever since I tightened my Spamassassin to 2, I get a few false positives every coupla weeks. Probably somewhere in the vicinity of quarter of a percent. Not a huge number, but far too high to summarily discard. Can we get some clarification on this? Is this *really* what's happening? I would be very surprised if an experienced group like Spamcop would actually do that. The Golden Rule of Programming: Never Lose the User's Data I'm not using a Spamcop email address. I do the forward-to-spamcop-which-filters-and-forwards-to-a-secret-email-account. I can never remember what nomenclature is used for that. Drake Christensen
  3. I dropped my Spamassassin to 2 a coupla days ago, and it has raised the stop rate to about 60%. It's nice to finally see a long list on the Held Mail page, again. Except, there have been a few false positives.
  4. I've been whitelisting for years. So, most of my contact list is in there by now. But not all of them, I think.
  5. I've dropped my Spamassassin to 2. That's managed to increase the stoppage rate to around 50%. But, of course, now I'm seeing some false positives. Again, frustrating and disappointing that the old techniques went south so suddenly. Drake
  6. Today, most of my spam has a Spamassassin level of 0.5. A few have crept up close to 2. The few that have been stopped were 4 or 5. Drake
  7. Correct. That's what prompted me to start this thread. Too bad Spamassassin doesn't spot big stretches of blank lines and generate separate Bayesian scores for the chunks of text. That could be another heuristic to watch for, to split out the spam text from the junk text. Sorry, just rambling. Drake
  8. I was working under the assumption that, since I get so many of these, that a lot of other people are, too. And, that a useful percentage of those people were reporting them. Maybe not. Or, maybe the spammers have injected enough random text at the bottom to offset their Bayesian score. Drake
  9. This is why I've been reporting them, lately. But, even though these bad ones are on a limited number of subjects, and probably coming from the same zombie farm, I think I've seen about two or three of them held, ever. Out of hundreds. I would expect some improvement, as I see very similar emails come through week after week. That's a big part of what has made this so frustrating, lately. Drake
  10. In answer to an earlier question, I've looked at a few of the recent spam from the group that gets everything through. It looks like they've managed to tune their spam to hover around a score of 3. I have mine set at 5. If I can conveniently produce a list of my common contacts and add them to my whitelist then I will look at lowering that setting. Drake
  11. The scammers seem to have Spamcop all figured out, now. Instead of two at a time, I'm now getting ten at a time. Ten spam at one time, slightly different, all about diabetes. Then, a few minutes later, ten about background checks. And Spamcop is catching none of them. Clearly, these are coming from the same group that has been sending doubles for the last few months. And Spamcop has been helpless to stop them.
  12. So far today, it stopped 2 and let 11 through. So, still performing very poorly. Drake
  13. My total volume of spam is so low, lately, that it's hard to say. One day, four will leak through with none stopped. Another, two will leak with three stopped. Etc. I think there has only been one or two days in the last month with more than ten total spam in one day. My general impression is that it's stopping something less than 1/3. The spam that does get through it tends to be lumped together, so that most of them show up within an hour or two. Drake
  14. Well, it's dropping back off again. So far today, 14 leaked through and 4 were held. I've been diligently reporting them for the last week and a half or so. Drake
  15. I'm continuing to see about a 50% stop rate the last coupla days. Including some of the paired-up spam. Hopefully, the server replacement was the issue, and the rates will climb as these continue to be reported. Drake
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