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  1. WAIT... JUST HAD ANOTHER SIGNUP... The instant account feature is turned off, but how do I know if this i legit or not??? Here is the information : Clients Local IP: Ordered from IP: - - Click to Trace only captured on orders that go through order system Clients Local ISP: IP traced back to: ool-18bc4162.dyn.optonline.net anygrillhere.com carluis88uj[at]camklik.com is the signup email... PAYPAL INFORMATION : Mean-Shing Goal just signed up for a subscription to ENTERPRISE SHARED [anygrillhere.com]. casper_goal[at]qwest.net's first subscription payment, for $10.99 USD has already been sent to your PayPal account. The email used to signup does not work.. I think this is a spammer.. Can anyone assist me ASAP so I know if I need to delete or setup
  2. Hello, My ip was put on spamcorp... I just want to find out what I can do to remove it.. In the last 24 hours, I have had 3 accounts setup on my server with thieves using stolen paypal accounts... Once the account is setup, the immediately upload the software for spam mail.. I caught two immediately, but the 3rd was able to send out over 65,000 messages... My instant account setup was removed.. So now it will not happen again.. My ip address is .. Please check into this and you will see I am telling the truth.. Spammers are now gone..
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