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  1. No, none of the NDR's had the spam attached. I just checked my queues, so far so good. Spamcop says your server will come off the list in 48 hours, is that working as it should?
  2. I had suspected an auth attack when I orignally posted. So I took action aganist it. I found that there were several unknown accounts which are now disabled. I changed the passwords for the accounts that were necessary and disabled the guest account which was at one point disabled (pitalls of mulitpul people with admin access I guess). Very sketchy. Anyway the number of NDRs that are coming back to me has subsided. For a time they were coming every min or so, at this point they have stopped. I blew away my SMTP server with a bunch of retry crap in it and created a new one to see if I finally have this thing stopped.
  3. Query bl.spamcop.net - (Help) (Trace IP) (Senderbase lookup) listed in bl.spamcop.net ( Causes of listing Additional potential problems (these factors do not directly result in spamcop listing) Listing History It has been listed for less than 24 hours. Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports
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