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  1. Steven. Thank you very much for your answer, I have contacted them thru all their email addresses, sales contact, their support help desk, phone(answer machine), forms in their site, and I got this answer 5 and 4 days ago respectively, nothing after. ******************************************************************* http://www.webhostingace.com/ http://www.genuineasp.com/ Eric Velsa 29-9-2004-04:51 It looks like the server you are trying to send email to has blacklisted our IP address and is no longer accepting email from us. Eric Velsa 30-9-2004-03:35 The server you are trying to send an email to will not accept a connection from our server. Please try to send an email to a yahoo or hotmail account and see if it is working. If it's not, please let me know the error messaage. Remember to remove username and password from the ASP mailer object. ******************************************************************* thats all, does they know what they are doing ? and the spamers website, that youmentioned still online with them http://www.premierink.us/ If they remove the spamer how long does it take to be removed from the blaklist?
  2. Hello I host my domains here www.genuineasp.com are they spamers, should I move all my domains out of there ? my Domains are www.Power-Graphs.com www.Power-Stats.com and many others, please help I dont know what to do. Support is not answering, for 4 days from now, what should I do ? I can not send emails from a form, using a simple mailer object from their server I found this http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...p= http://www.senderbase.org/?searchBy=ipaddr...g= Plase Help
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