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  1. Starting...just now, whenever I try to send an e-mail via the web interface, I get the following error message: There was an error sending your message: sendmail: service unavailable (69) Happened repeatedly, on same and different messages. Never seen anything like this before.
  2. I started having this problem, too, just yesterday. Recipient kept saying he wasn't getting attachments. Have't tried it yet today, though. SpamCop webmail seems very slow and sometimes I get error messages when trying to view an e-mail. Moderator Edit: Split this post out from the (old) Topic it was posted into, merged it into the "current" Topic. The format of the post was changed a bit to place the 'new' stuff 'under' the quoted material, such that adding in this note would be a bit more visible. PM sent to advise of move/merge.
  3. Turning off "preview" did the trick. I was able to see all of the messages and clean most of them out. Very happy the solution was that simple, and thanks for your reply. WD
  4. When logged into webmail, I cannot see the first page of messages -- default is 50 per page. Was able to read and handle the ones on the second page just fine, but no messages show on the first page, even though I know there are 50 waiting.
  5. OK...happens from every computer where I try to access webmail (webmail.spamcop.net). Two Win2K desktops (Internet Explorer 6.0) -- one at work (Verizon DSL) and one at home (RoadRunner cable modem) and my iBook (Firefox -- also RoadRunner). I have my options set to display 50 messages on a page. Can never see the first page of messages -- i.e., the first 50 -- regardless of how many messages are in the inbox. Those that I can see, I can work with normally -- reply, delete, etc. This is something new and weird that started happening about three days ago. Have tried setting my options to display 150 messages at a time just to see what what would happen and saw no messages at all. I can retrieve all of the the messages with my e-mail program (Apple Mail) via POP. I have it set to leave the messages on the SpamCop server rather than delete them, since I almost always need access to some of them from other locations besides home, where I only have webmail access. I delete them off the SpamCop server manually when I no longer need them. This morning, I cannot get the SpamCop webmail login page to display on my iBook at home, although I was able to get it to display and log in from my Win2K machine at home. Very weird...have been using SpamCop for years without a problem. I will try to PM you my account details. Webdoyenne
  6. OK...so where did y'all move my post? I am still having the same problem. Am seeing a blank page...or nothing, instead of my webmail messages. This from several different computers. WD
  7. Help! My inbox has 57 messages in it but I can only see the seven that are on page two. When I click to go to page one -- where messages 1-50 should be -- the page is blank, except for the usual webmail stuff up top. webdoyenne
  8. Yep...things were working OK for awhile, but I just got two messages bounced back -- one from RR and one from SBC. WD
  9. Coming back to me with this message: Domain of sender address myusername[at]cesmail.net does not exist. (Note that "myusername" is standing in for my actual username, which I don't want to post in an open forum.)
  10. OK, so what is VER? FWIW, there is a problem with Windows XP Service Pack 2 that causes DNS weirdness (Page Cannot Be Displayed). After checking the Net, I discovered that this problem can be sort of fixed by disabling the pop-up stopper in IE. Since I've done that, I haven't had the problem that I wrote about initially in this message. The pop-up stopper in the Google toolbar does not cause the same issues. webdoyenne
  11. Lately, when reporting spam from the held mail screen, this is the kind of response that appears after I click the "report and trash immediately" option. A couple of the spams get reported but most seem to trigger the "message-ids have changed" statements. Any explanation for this behavior? Submitted message 51725 for reporting Moved message 51725 to trash Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51726 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51727 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51728 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51729 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51730 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51731 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51732 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51733 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51734 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51735 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51736 Database error submitting spam for reporting. Moved message 51737 to trash Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51738 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51739 Message-ids have changed, cannot alter 51740
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