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  1. Yeah, I've enjoyed my spam-less existence for a year but the simple fact is my finances are totally and utterly broken and with free gmail on offer it's something I have to change to try and save cash. A-ha! Many thanks, I had just been entering each folder, selecting all messages and hitting a brick wall - I didn't investigate the folder button. Never underestimate your own idiocy is the moral of the story I've been trying yesterday and today to the same result. Our internal mail is handled through a Microsoft Exchange server, I don't know if this is set-up to not allow POP/IMAP connections or if I'm being moronic again but it certainly doesn't seem to want to work for me in any case. Anyway, thanks again for the prompt and accurate advice - you've removed what was becoming a bit of a headache for me. I am truly very grateful.
  2. I've recently decided to move on from Spamcop to another service and would like to save my messages to disk for future reference/posterity. I couldn't find any way to select and save messages en masse so I've tried to access pop.spamcop.net and imap.spamcop.net from Outlook 2002 (to save everything from there). For some reason though it won't do it. It claims that it has contacted the server but is getting no response. I guess it must be some work firewall thing or something. In any case is there some way that I can export my messages (that I have overlooked) from the webmail client? I'd really not like to either lose them all or have to save each one individually.
  3. I guess I was: (a) thinking on similar lines to David in his original post ( trying to point out that in this specific case, as opposed to David's, Spamcop was failing to pick up on its own addresses being used as invalid 'From' addresses (presumably something it could figure out pretty easily) and that someone might care to look into it I shall proceed with the 'JHD and hope it doesn't happen again' approach and if it does happen again I'll do some personal reporting. Thanks for your help.
  4. In a similar vein to David in this thread I've just received five bounced spam mails claiming to have come from my account. However, they're claiming to have come from my spamcop.net address. If I can't report them and Spamcop won't notice that they didn't actually come from it in the first place what am I to do? Just delete them and hope it doesn't happen any more? Apologies if this has been answered in depth elsewhere. Many thanks in advance.
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