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  1. Iulian Onofrei

    Nothing but error messages!

    Oh, I see, so the missing headers are the cause of the problem. Though the error message could say something like:
  2. Iulian Onofrei

    [Resolved] CAPTCHA

    I guessed so, but since I just signed up, I noticed it
  3. Iulian Onofrei

    [Resolved] CAPTCHA

    I wonder if the spam on forum increased, because on 31st of March this year, reCAPTCHA v1 was closed, so currently you can register without typing anything in the validation input.
  4. Iulian Onofrei

    Nothing but error messages!

    Isn't the error caused by long email contents? When I try to report a spam that failed forwarding using the website, it asks me if I want to truncate it.