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  1. Hello Spamcop, We are currently working with a security organization used by many major hosting providers in the US and UK. They have a system in place so that many providers can check regularly either manually or using automated tools to see IP addresses that are being used maliciously and what it is the have been reported or detected doing. We can then take whatever action necessary for each of the different types. Anything from notifying the server owner that a problem may exist or null routing the IP address automatically and flagging the issue for a staff member to deal with (like terminate the client or help them with their security problem). Is there any chance that SpamCop can institute, even password protected using .htaccess style logins, a listing of problem IP addresses for each ASN or something similar? Something like a list at, for example, http://www.spamcop.net/current/summary_report.php: 2007-04-04 10:41 Trap-10 Mole-0 User-1 Simp-0 2007-04-04 09:41 Trap-0 Mole-0 User-23 Simp-0 The content of that report would be different depending on who logged in to the protected page. Or perhaps you could share your data with this security organization so that they can include it in their reports?
  2. Moderator edit: The following may end up being a bit confusing, but .... poster apparently had tthe strange idea that "the more posts, the better" .... thus some replies were offered up from the objective of the Forum that some folks found the post in. All those multiple dicussions have been merged into this "one" .... the multiple "Topic Starting posts" have been reduced to just the one here .... Hello SpamCop and Community, We've recently undergone a serious problem with the "Ivo Ottavio Reali Camargo Pump and Dump spam zombie". This person or group scans networks for unused IP addresses and then uses those IP addresses to spam and then releases the IP addresses. This effectively either cause the blame to be put on innocent customers with IP's that are unused or firewalled. We may have stopped this from happening by finding all the servers using this tactic. SpamCop appears to no longer be reporting issues to us... We want to resume the reporting because it is extremely valuable to us in finding spammers and terminating them from our network. How can I contact spamcop and get them to resume spam reporting or at least confirm that spam reports will come to us for our IP addresses?
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