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  1. Actually as much as I'm no fan of aweber, its definitely not a spam service. And, autoresponder followupss DONE WELL are extremely useful, they provide an automated way to keep in touch with people after the sale to make sure they're getting everything they need, as well as providing additional information to help them use the product. DONE BADLY, they're horrible, you're right. My customers bought from me, you'll have to choose to accept that its not spam, probably I wouldn't be posting here if I was a spammer, nor would I be filing spam reports. Actually Aweber only lets 100 addresses be added per day, so it would not be very useful for sending spam. I guess you both have answered my question - given the closemindedness of the anti-spam community, a service like them are forced to cut themselves off from properly handling legitimate spam reports. Thats a net loss for everyone, unfortunately. While I don't like them, they *are* a legit service. If they truly are blacklisting spam complaints, why not figure out why, and open the lines of communication? This kind of standoff doesn't help anyone.
  2. Actually, the title should have a ? mark at the end, and be "Is Aweber banning spamcop users?", because I am not 100% sure why this is happening. A few months ago, I reported a list owner using the Aweber service for spamming via spamcop. I had already requested to be removed from his lists twice (non-aweber), and he continued to mail me, from his aweber account. My email was removed and I heard nothing more. A few weeks ago, a friend was trying to add me to his mailing list, using aweber. He found that my email address could not be added, that for some reason it was blocked. Given the only real interaction I had with Aweber was this one a few months before, I suspected I was blacklisted. Now today, as an aweber customer, I am adding a customer list to my database. And it turns out that one of my customers cannot be added either. I suspect they have made a spam complaint against an aweber user at some point, and therefore aweber refuses to add them to their list. Yes, I will shortly stop using aweber. But what do you think, that if a user of spamcop submits a spam complaint and they get blacklisted from various services? Quite a disincentive to use spamcop, don't you think? Does anyone else know anything about this? Can you confirm if Aweber is actually blocking users based on spam complaints?
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