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  1. All email coming and going from this IP address is scanned by Symantec for SMTP and symantec for exchange and both are the most recent versions with most recent DAT files. Is is possible if I block at the firewall all outbound requests for port 25 except for mail servers to determine if we have an inside host with a trojan?
  2. But of course our percentage is going to go up. Our company has two diverse ISP's with two diverse T1's to the internet. We have redundant MX records to support this (stsconsultants.com) . However, if our primary ISP goes down, our e-mail is re-directed out our backup connection which is the IP that has been BL'd ( Of course we are going to have a huge percentage increase in e-mail! That IP doesn't see ANY email unless we are in a failover state which happened recently. Why should we be punished for having a redundant connection? Ryan
  3. My e-mail server IP Address is being listed by spamcop, but I am given no reasons! My IP has been listed by 4 other spam block lists, and they all say they're listing me because Spamcop is listing me! Ugh! Can someone give me any ideas why spamcop listed me but won't tell me the reason? I have nothing to go on here. Help!
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