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  1. Hi Farelf, sorry I didn't see this in the thread, wood and trees and all that, apologies, just trying to be helpful. Regards CC
  2. Hi Folks, Not that I think for a second anyone would be fooled by this, I just wondered if anyone else has being seeing these type of emails lately. They seem to be dripping at an ever increasing rate into my Spamcop account in recent days:- The come in with following of Subject :- setting for your mailbox intramore[at]spamcop.net are changed I've also seen settings for your mailbox whitefort[at]spamcop.net are changed and various others. The purport to come from From: "spamcop.net support" And the body contains the following :- SMTP and POP3 servers for intramore[at]spamcop.net mailbox are changed. Please carefully read the attached instructions before updating settings. http://mamapapabrat.googlegroups.com/web/setup.zip Hmm, setup.zip, must be OK, I'll be downloading that then For anyone interested, if you are fool enough to follow the link (no I wasn't) it takes you to a Google groups page with a download link on it. should you be really hard of thinking and click this link, it will in turn attempt to download the following virus :- (from a URL so long it's not worth posting and possibly generated in real time) Trojan.Win32.FraudPack.avmz According to Kaspersky and is helpfully listed as "Performs potentially dangerous activity" and seems to be the usual :- bot conrol, zombie, master of the universe type of stuff. The spamcop header for this one looks like this :- Return-Path: <spirits7[at]redwordsaid.com> Received: (qmail 4832 invoked from network); 9 May 2010 02:40:36 -0000 X-spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.2.4 (2008-01-01) on filter7 X-spam-Level: ** X-spam-Status: hits=2.9 tests=DOS_OE_TO_MX,RDNS_NONE,STOX_REPLY_TYPE version=3.2.4 So there you have it, well worth the read. Regards CC [live link broken]
  3. Still a problem for me I'm afraid to say, no sign of any change. Pilgrim1
  4. PM has been sent. FYI as this has been going on for over a week for me (I have been away, so could not see it had gone wrong, onlly found out on my return and a number of expected emails were not there) I called my ISP and they cannot see any problem. This was confirmed by me POPing it from other third party accounts, which worked fine. I'll post if this is resolved, either by skill or magic Regards ChrisC
  5. Hi I have the same problem, spamcop has not popped my email for some time, I get Unknown error: 24 and it has failed 454 times. I can pop it from other accounts. Regards ChrisC.
  6. Folks, thanks for all your help. Miss Betsy, you pretty much hit the nail on the head with this post. You're clarity is most welcome.
  7. Hi Wazoo, just back from worked and picked up your reply. Indeed. Doing this at 1am in the morning is not a good idea as I tend took rather foolish A long day yesterday. As I was unaware of any other "help", other than the posts I presumed that you were one and the same, despite the name difference. I had of course PM'd Trevor back much ealier in the day but had no reply, as you seem to have much more knowledge than one would reasonably expect from using forum details I put two & two together and got 5 I assumed that for whatever reason you were one and the same. It wouldn't be the first time I've seem someone aliased as someone else. Actually at no point was it clear to me that you were using only the data available from the forum, hence my rant, plus my later confusion. They don't I just need to a) Speak to less than 50 people regarding the same problem and go to bed earlier. Point well taken, however in this case I see little point in marketing themselves as being part of something bigger and trying to look as if they are all one big happy family, with all the benefits & problems that brings. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Understood. Don't really understand what you are getting at here, I was suggesting that adding a change password to Spamcop would be a good idea, simply noting that I thought it should be possible as I am able to read my Heldmail. Perhaps this is not possible, doesn't make it a bad idea though. Actually the "bad part" here is that Trevor didn't PM me until I'd posted here, told me he'd applied a fix (which I mentioned in several posts) had Trevor picked and I of course I emailed him back directly (within 5 mins of the PM). I got my reply today and the problem is now resolved (I'll put another post here later with details). Perhaps and as for the have you replied to Trevor yet? Did you really need to ask me that? It's been good talking to you I have to say Wazoo, you've certainly opened my eyes to how chaotic the arrangements for Spamcop are and how knowledgable the forum members are. For all the help I'm happy to send my genuine thanks.
  8. Apologies, my reply was not intended to be adversarial, it's getting late here combined with these never ending login problems I'm getting very tetchy I was also unaware you were the person who attempted the fix, for which you have my thanks. You understand my response I'm sure you said "Tried to help you out, but ..... none of the data you used 'here' was of any value in trying to identify you in the SpamCop.net" I read ‘here’ as this forum. True and if I'd known to whom I was PMing I would have done so. I'm not ungrateful for the help, it's very much appreciated, especially the links, given that most of my posts here have been sent whilst I was at work, where I don’t have time to follow all the forum links. As for not providing you with anything else to go on, I don't know what else I could possibly provide you with? I've said my password does not work on webmail, however does on spamcop.net, I've also provided the error message I get, what else is there? I’m guessing you realise from my obvious frustration that I would happily provide any other info, however unless I know what you need..... You assume I've not read the "staff" listing, on your suggestion I did. I understand perfectly this is the case and I'm not oblivious to the problem, however my point is simple, regardless of whom owns what, as a customer it should make no difference to me. If I buy I tin of beans from my local 7/11 it doesn't matter to me that the place is owned by Walmart. If I take them back they are unlikely to “say sorry you need to complain to Walmart, nothing to do with us†The Spamcop brand is all one from a customers point of view, which is the method it is marketed and that’s how they make it look. Of which I've tried many and got nowhere thus far. I posted to the forum as a last resort, the last thing I want to do is trawl the forum and steal valuable time from people who have much better things to do. My hope in posting was to flag the problem with Spamcop. I'm sure you can agree that no response from customer support, plus the lack of any warning regarding the curly brackets, is pretty dire. Not suggesting it is, all I said is that it would be a nice feature. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I'm curious why you think I don't understand this point. It's explained well enough, however you must concede the entire marketing, access to webmail via spamcop.net etc is designed for it to NOT look this way, so why should I, as a customer think any differently? I should not have to concern myself with such detail. The fact that you make this point does not make it any better from my (lack of) customer service point of view. I have, I think you’ll agree, gone via the channels open to me to try and resolve this issue. Speaking of which, as you have suggested I have emailed JT in the hope that it will be sorted sooner rather than later. I will post whatever the resolution here for all to see. My thanks for all your assistance and useful links today. Regards ChrisC.
  9. What? Are you seriously laying the blame for this poor service at my door? I'm not about to put all my details in a forum, I'm a user, that does not automatically make me stupid. ANY member of Spamcop's staff could at ANY POINT in the day have PM'd me and simply asked for my details! This is indeed what happened in the end (see below) it didn't fix the problem but hey at least I was talking to someone, which is an improvment on the past 5 days. As for JT having no knowledge of anyone working on a password, hardly my fault if the staff don't speak to each other! I'm not setting out to wind up anyone here but has so far been and continues to be, like pulling teeth. Fair enough, but I'm sorry all this is just so much "white noise" from a customers point of view, I know little about who runs what, nor is it my job to care. I pay the entity "Spamcop" for that and they have a duty of service. As a customer I shouldn't really have to go to these lengths get a solution to my problems. So far.... I've been locked out of my account for reasons I had to descover myself. Since Friday last week I've requested two password resets via the suggested route and had zero response. I sent an email regarding this problem to Jeff (support[at]spamcop.net) on 12/11 at 19.45 and have so far had no response. The {} were removed from my password at some point today but I knew nothing about this until 3 pm this afternoon when someone called TrevorB PM'ed me to apologise for the delay and telling me this is what he'd done. I emailed him back to say it hadn't worked for me and I am so far still awaiting a response. As it stands I can log into spamcop.net but still not the web mail, as my curly brackets have not been removed I guess the problem lies elsewhere. Fair enough point taken, however in my defence, the path to customer service is not a clear one without trawling these forums. My time would be better spent sorting out my own emails. Unless I'm missing something here, this is my point, is it not? The previous poster suggested that West coast could not access East coast to allow a password change from Spamcop.net. I'm suggesting yes it could be done and if I'm not mistaken you've clarifed it here, it might require a "special hack" as you describe, but clearly it can be done. Regards ChrisC.
  10. Hardly seems like it should be a "New feature request" rather a "Fix bug request" From reading the forums it's clear Spamcop know about the issue. It seems to me remiss that they did not filter the password or at least warn me at the point of entry. I still don't have a solution though, they've attempted to fix it for me by removing the brackets (braces!) from my password, (not sure I'm happy they can do this either..but that's another post ) however I didn't find out until today (although I'd guessed) however it still doesn't work, I still have no email access and all I did was attempted to make my passowrd a little stronger! Whilst the point is well taken, however I can access my heldmail, which is presumably held on the East Coast, via Spamcop.net, so why not my password? I think if I was going to make a feature request, this would be it. Regards ChrisC
  11. Not sure what you mean regarding the few days ago bit, can you elaborate? I only found this post after the event, I was already screwed. Would if not be far more sensible to just stop the new password input from allowing entry of characters that it can't cope with? Can't be that tricky to parse the string. Either that or allow password changes via Spamcop.net, which I could actually log in. ChrisC.
  12. Hi Miss Betsy, thanks for the reply. very much appreciated. Sadly yes, I've used this link, although I might try again later today. It's like all customer support has vanished I've got some delivery schedules being posted and It's driving me mad, even more fustrating is that I can see all my held mail spam via Spamcop.net but not any of the email I actually want to see . Five days without any kind of support response is very poor and I have to say, very unusual. I've been hoping someone from Spamcop would PM here today, no joy so far. Once again many thanks for the reply. Regards ChrisC.
  13. Hi, I've been locked out of my Webmail since Friday, since I changed my password. I can get into Spamcop,net using my new password but not the webmail. I'm guessing (reading the forums after the event)this is because I used {} in my password. I requested a password reset on Friday and again yesterday, but have had no response at all, which is very unusual for Spamcop, I'm wondering if my ISP's mail is filtering them out. Something changed today, as I used to be able to login to spamcop.net with {} in place, but I have to remove them now, however I still can't login to Webmail. My only access to my Spamcop is via Webmail, so it's really important to me to be able to login and 5 days without is a nightmare. If anyone from Spamcop could assist it would be much appreciated. Regards ChrisC.
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