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  1. Miss Betsy - Actually the only registrar that comes out and says you spam we shut you down, is godaddy. Many registrars shut spammers down, they just don't really let it be known. In our case, if I get a spam complaint I check our local system which archives email for about 200,000 domains a day and all of them have a wildcard email record. So it gets a few emails every day. If the domain that was in the original complaint shows up once, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Twice and they are normally gone. If I can't find anything about them I look in the NANAE to see if I can find anything. If I can they are gone. If not, I consider the original complaint almost spam itself and just put it in the spam complaint folder. I hate spam as much as anybody here, I've been a spamcop member for 4 or 5 years now. I have 3 spam filtering systems on my work email, SpamAssassin, Outlook 2003 junk filter, and SpamBayes. Now the funny thing is Outlook gets about 95% of the spam, which is amazing. But that's another story. And with all of those filters, I get about 5,000 emails in my spam folder a day, just at work. Then probably about the same at home. So anything I can do to stop them, I will. Not to bash Spamcop, but about a year ago they stopped allowing people like us who have our IP blocks in another companies name from receiving spamcop reports. So now they go to our IP block owner, and sometimes they aren't the best at getting them to us, but that's another story. If you need to send anything about spam just send it to my email address, donny<at>intercosmos.com . I'm bad about checking newsgroups and forums. I normally only check them when somebody brings it to my attention. Donny
  2. Just as an example, I was going through the list and was checking the WHOIS on different domains and ran across freshfacedcutegirl.biz, which noticed that it was registered with us. I went in saw that it had been submitted a few times. I checked our internal mail archiver which receives about a million emails a week and we had about 20 spams from the domain. And as of this minute the domain is now shutdown. It's been put on registrar-hold which means the domain does not resolve anymore. It may take .biz about 15 minutes to remove it from the root, but in essense the domain no longer exists. Donny
  3. I work for one of the largest domain registrars, and one of the things that would help us shut down spammers spamcop could help us with. Currently, if I wanted to see a list of sites that were currently spamming, I could go to http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=inprogress;type=www then parse each URL and then do a WHOIS on each domain listed. From there I could then find out which ones were registered with us and then shut them down and stop the spammers right then. But right now this is not something that is very easy to do because of how the system is setup. Not all domain registrars shutdown their registrants domains for spamming, but some do. As long as they know about the spamming to begin with. Spamcop does not make this easy for registrars to find this data easily. Since you already have the domain that was referenced in the spam, why not parse it and then do a WHOIS on the domain and grab the registrar and then allow each registrar to grab the list of domains that have spammed and do whatever they want with them. Shutdown the sites, beat their customers, or just sit and do nothing. Just an idea from a registrar with over a million domains and would definitely be happy to shut sites down if it would cut down on the spam. Donny
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