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    Reporting Headers

    I did identify them as Network Access but it should have been Net Access Corporation. I did identify their Class B network: 70.47.x.x. I had used the search option but apparently didn't specify the correct content to search for. Thanks for the info on SpamCop FAQ, I'll spend time there.
  2. jjrowan

    Reporting Headers

    Over the last month I had been plagued by almost 1000 spams originating from 70.47.x.x which is Network Access. I submitted some of the spam to Spamcop but it got so bad I ended up just adding Network Access' IP Netblock to my sendmail access table to reject everything they send. This works fine but the server was still processing hundreds of spams per day (yes I know it's not a lot). I decided to place their IP Netblock in my server's iptables firewall so any communication from that range would simply be dropped (rather than rejected). Another of my servers started receiving spam from them. I added them to the access.db so the mail was bounced with my error message. I called the ISP's abuse phone number asking if they cater to spammers. They claimed they shut down spamming operations as soon as they verify they are in fact spammers. I told them I reported the spam to Spamcop and they should have acted on those reports. The tech there said the reports from spamcop do not include headers and without it they can't verify it's from their network. Does Spamcop send headers in the reports to ISPs?
  3. I recently upgraded my account with my Internet provider. Part of the service I receive for paying a premium is allowing port 25 again. I still have to deliver mail through their server but I can have mail come to me directly. I wanted to update my MailHost settings on SpamCop as any garbage I am now receiving directly can't be reported. The email from admin.spamcop.net arrives, sendmail processes it saying it "sent" it to may ID but it is going nowhere. The email from SpamCop on my password reset for this forum arrived without problem. I have tried changing my mailhost using the standard method 20 or more times, each time it fails the same way. I tried changing my mx record to a different server but SpamCop didn't like the altered header. What other options are there for adding a mailhost?
  4. Several weeks ago I signed up for a promotion which required my e-mail address. I was leery so I made up an e-mail address [at] mydomain.com. The freshly made up address was specialoffers[at]mydomainname.com. Within 1/2 hour I was being spammed at that address. I went back and unsubscribed but the damage is done, I receive 20+ messages a day, all spam. Since nothing valid is arriving and I've tried opting out of each spammer's database (actually seems to escalate the problem) I wanted to have my mail server forward everything I receive at specialoffers directly to SpamCop. I set up an alias and ran newaliases but when SpamCop started receiving these they rejected it with: SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: Message forwarded in html wrapper. When forwarding spam, use a MIME attachment or text-type message with the spam enclosed. Do not send spam in HTML format. Sometimes this error is caused by using a "resend" feature to forward spam. HTML spam should be sent in text (source code) format. I don't know how to configure Sendmail to forward this way. I thought Procmail might be a solution but Procmail's receipes and I don't get along. Can someone tell me if there is a way to have Sendmail route to SpamCop in the proper format?
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    Previously Appealed

    Done and so noted. Thanks.
  6. jjrowan

    Previously Appealed

    This morning I waded my way through the ever increasing volume of spam to find new garbage from www.scsoffshore.com I did not subscribe to any service nor do I want to receive what they call "news". They claim not to be spam but a news service. Their e-mails are only solicitations to buy services from them to host web sites off shore without restrictions. They're based in Bermuda I think. They say to call long distance to "opt out" but I'm not going to spend money on long distance charges to end up in their voice response unit trying to opt out. I though I could just deposit the e-mail in SpamCop but when I did it said they have been previously appealed. These people use mis-configured servers around the world to send their bulk e-mail. I put the network block of the companies they're using into my sendmail access database rejecting subsequent spam from any server on the unknowing company that's being used by thes SPAMmers. What options are there for getting SPAMmers previously appealed back into a SPAMmer stautus?