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  1. Hello, Hope this query is in the right forum area, if not apologies. I've been a spamcop.net user for a long time, back when there was an email account login, and it's been working fine for ages. But I've been having the odd problem with blocked emails. Is it still possible to check for these? For example, I just logged into my hostinguk.net account where I had setup the email as my spamcop.net email. But it's being blocked and I never receive them. Changing it to another email I have and the hostinguk.net emails get through. I have tried checking the spamcop blocklist but the ip address for hostinguk.net does not appear to be listed. So, if an email to me is blocked by spamcop is there a way for me to check that? Thanks for any replies/comments. Regards, Steve.