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  1. As a paying user since 2004, I consider that level of notice/support laughable. Even the "words" we have seen were quite difficult to find, especially considering none of the "words" are posted where they should be! May I suggest a big red "WEBMAIL/EMAIL SYSTEM DOWN, please stay tuned" posted on the MAIN www.spamcop.net page, instead of inside a topic thread 3/4 down a forum topics page, past all of the "READ THIS FIRST" and "LATEST NEWS/ANNOUNCEMENTS (last updated December xx, 2011" headlines?
  2. Just a thought, since we're getting no info from Spamcop management: Some have posted questioning why we are all getting a "SQL database error" page when the announcement said it was a DNS server issue: it may be their DNS service provider's servers that are generating the error page... In any case, as cheap and normally effective as it is, I find Spamcop's methods for handling such situations much too amateurish for 2012. In saying that, I'm referring to their apparent inability to provide ANY notice except deep inside a very poorly maintained user forum. Is the main web page for www.spamcop.net (where manual submissions can be pasted, which is still visible) so set in stone that an administrator can't include a bold red notice when the email service, including webmail, is down?
  3. Two questions for SC Admins: 1. Why doesn't SC include zen.spamhaus.org in its list of supplemental DNS blacklists available to SC email users (in SC webmail Tools/User Options)? 2. Does SC provide spamhaus.org DNSBLs as options under their "free use" or "professional use" usage terms? I.e., does SC pay to subscribe to spamhaus.org's Datafeed Service? Background: Looking for current info on each of the DNSBL's listed as user options (in order to make a more informed choice), I noticed that the Spamhaus Project website specifically recommends using zen.spamhaus.org instead of its sbl, xbl and pbl lists. I'm certainly not a DNSBL expert, but it does seems more efficient to make one list query instead of up to 3. But of course, I would not want SC to violate spamhaus.org's usage terms
  4. Surely it would not be all that difficult to add a button to the report page that confirms the current report choices, and then goes to the next unreported submission, instead of returning to the home page. This would cut required user interaction in the reporting process in half.
  5. Am I correct in understanding that Jackpot should only be run on a static public IP address that is not the address for any "real" SMTP server, since that address will inevitably get added to open-relay blacklists?
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