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  1. Hello, I would like to use SpamCop services for both my professional and personal emails. We host our email POP server on a root server using linux and Plesk. We are 2 people using 2 domain names so it's about 4 email addresses but it may grow as our daugthers will have their own addresses soon and we may give access to our contractors. We use an exchange server to pickup emails and deliver to outlook or use a web based email system (horde) Can you tell me wich service we have to purchase, how much it will cost and how I can install / make it works I'm not a techy, just a travel agent with some other skills Thank you Pierre
  2. OoOoOoOoOps... you're right... 2,000 a day not 200 not even a typo... well 2,000 spam a day and we will contact spamcop.
  3. We run a list, I don't know how to call it now as I learn more every day. Let say it's a "unique-token-confirmed-opt-in" list we can't call it double opt-in as we send a unique token but not the client IP... A person, lets call this person John register to our list: - he receives a confirmation email (email 1). John click on the confirmation link. - he receives an email (email 2) confirming his confirmation along with a link to change his preferences and to unsubscribe. What does john? He reports 'email 2' as spam using one computer (IP 1)... we got a munged report but with the token we are able to remove and black list John. Few hours later he reports 'email 1' as spam using another computer (IP 2)... Do you thing that was enough? No He registers using IP 1 and a new email address and re-play the game again... Why? not a clue... may be someone who has time to loose. We trace both IPs to the Netherland and added coding to our list to not only black list emails but also IPs. Cost of spam is really on both side of the fence, users and list owners.
  4. Well, eveything is there - thank you! As soon as we get 200 spams a day we will contact spamcop for the forward solution.
  5. We have several mail addresses that are not used but get spam, viruses even bounces. One we didn't looked at for months (ex-employee) even warned the admin coz it was full (1G of space ). The worse is that a box we use for testing purposes, its allias is 'test'. It's not published any where, it's used once a month internaly to measure response time but can receive external mail. It gets spam and viruses... not much but it gets some. We are shutting down all unused boxes but I was wondering if there was a spamcop feature able to report automatically spam? Thank you - smile, it's Friday! Pierre Note: we looked at spamcop email solution. Unfortunately it can't work for us. We can't forward customers' emails to 3rd party as some of them still email their CC information! But we reimburse the $30 spamcop email for our employees' personal email. (am I a good boss? ) more Notes : Are there any legal issues for provoking spammers? we can add some fake emails on our websites, they will be ready for harvesters...
  6. Is the blocking related to poor network performance in Europe on the 1st around noonish? See graphs lower in the page. If the bandwidth used is 3.4Mb per day, the total generated by this antispam screen saver will be 3.4Tbits per day if 1,000,000 users use it. Quite nothing for the internet (correct me if I'm wrong). Definitively, DoS is illegal even for a good cause. May be it's the reason.
  7. We got this one in one of our fake email boxes - that's an old one but it still makes me laugh: "This is not spam! Under S.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress and signed by President Bush, this cannot be considered spam so long as we put the phrase "this is not spam" in the body of the message." Sorry, we reported the good old one
  8. I just went to: And I got the following: http://www.makelovenotspam.com/ "Yes, attacking spammers is wrong, you know this, you shouldn't be doing it. Your ip address and request have been logged and will be reported to your ISP for further action. Also, note: This machine is not hacked, this page is returned for EVERY request. Thanks for noticing though." What the [at]#$%#$ is that? Pierre
  9. Thx, next time I'll post the link. I think, it got stuck somewhere as I check my emails at least twice a day and the first I saw it was this morning. Pierre
  10. Didn't know that! I've a job for the someone who unsubscribed! Thank you Pierre
  11. Do you know fax spamming? We get 250 junk faxes everyday, with an average of 2 pages per fax, or 15,000 pages per month... just good at killing a fax machine So, we have an electronic fax machine for that junk and we pay $19.99 per month up to 500 incomming faxes per month and $0.25 over that. So we were good.. Until... someone smart got the idea to call the 1-800 numbers to unsubscribe... in fact she shown that someone was actually looking at the faxes... She called 20 numbers before getting bored... Got the November 2004 invoice this morning... We received 2,500 faxes... 2,000 over quota and our credit card was charged $519.99 Cost of spam.... Pierre Note this fax has been cancelled
  12. Here is what I reported: X-Message-Info: 6sSXyD95QpUpnO+v0p4STNHCtKcWPPJy Received: from carekiss.net ([]) by mc3-f42.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(5.0.2195.6824); Tue, 23 Nov 2004 20:02:00 -0800 Content-Type: text/html From: Secret Shopper <infoao[at]carekiss.net> Reply-To: infoao[at]carekiss.net Return-Path: infoao[at]carekiss.net Subject: Participate in our RetailStoreReviewProgram To: x Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 23:01:59 -0500 Message-ID: <MC3-___________________825c[at]mc3-f42.hotmail.com> X-OriginalArrivalTime: 24 Nov 2004 04:02:00.0468 (UTC) FILETIME=[594F9540:01C4D1DA] I got it this morning (11/29) but it shows the 24th.. Spamcops comes with the following: Sorry, this email is too old to file a spam report. You must report spam within 2 days of receipt. This mail was received on Tue, 23 Nov 2004 20:02:00 -0800 Message is 5.4 days old Nothing to do. Any idea? Pierre
  13. Our filtering box works on both IP and wording filtering. We will give a try to the spamcop email solution. Wazoo is right there is no perfect solution. As soon as you implement a solution, they already have a counter attack spamming system. It seems (correct me if I'm wrong) that pro-spammers change IP for each blast they make. When the used IP becomes blocked and they switch to another one. To understand more, we purchased a list from www.email-lists.biz (found on google) We purchased for $14.95 something like 2.5 millions emails + plus all the spammer kit for free... (Bulk email sender, extractor, unsubscriber & list manager) + free proxies. We tried the daily proxies (100 of them) 20% only were blocked... (for sensible people, the list was not downloaded) We could get a 15 million USA Package for $44.95 and 140 million worldwide for $99.99!!! Is that crazy, I wouldn't beleive it until I saw that... I understand why we get so much spam and our system can't keep up. Even google offers lists of proxies even 19 for free! Google directory I think it's an impossible task...
  14. We have a costly anti-spam enterprise software which runs on its own server and is placed in front of the mail servers. It filters quite everything that is not related to our industry. It filters well web hosting, loans and all regular spam. It filters well "viagra" but not very well v1agra or the same kind of junk. It routes too short emails or emails with just a link to an admin who decides if the email goes through or not. It also routes SBL (not sure of spelling) listed addresses. Unfortunately they add dumb hidden text to trick the system. So more junk is delivered everyday. According to my techies, it increases by 5% every week which they consider low. I feel that we upgrade the protection and they come new stuff so the new protection is obsolete and more junk is coming in. My big concern is that we detect more and more junk with scripts. That's scary as these scripts can be worms or other Trojan stuff. Today we detect and destroy 100% of those, what about tomorrow? When your servers carry customers' data as we do, you seriously worry. Any ideas? Any advices? Pierre
  15. The Spamcop lounge says: "This forum is for discussion of pretty much anything except SpamCop and spam fighting." Do you think it's ok?
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