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  1. Hi First I'd like to avoid mentioning my web hosting company as they have been very responsive and supportive. I think this issue was the result of some wrong ASSUMPTIONS by myself and perhaps others. Second - The specifics of this issue revolve around my web hosting company upgrading the mail software so that it included spam filtering. I didn't pay much attention to this upgrade when it happened on 10/26/04. I also made some ASSUMPTIONS about default the spam filtering. The software package is from smartertools.com and its called smartermail. According to the product description, it has "Bayesian Filtering - Use advanced statistics to analyze your email for spam. With your help, Bayesian Filtering learns what spam is and can adapt to the ever changing spam situation on the web. Combine Bayesian Filtering with other advanced anti-spam measures (spam lists, revers DNS, verify sender, etc.) to protect yourself to an even greater extent." I must admit that when the mail software was updated, I was informed that I could change the current spam settings. Since this upgrade happened on 10/26/04 and I didn't see an immediate drop off in email volume, I ASSUMED that the spam filters were disabled. (I didn't need this new filtering as all my email was forwarded through the spamcop server!). It wasn't until this weekend that I realized something must be wrong as I couldn't get messages from co-workers. Third, as for the FAQs, there is one titled "SpamCop forwards mail to destination address " Perhaps one should be added titled "SpamCop Forwarded E-Mails to destination address and destination has its own spam filters" I would propose that those who use SpamCop to forward mail to a destination address ensure the destination's address spam filter is set up to hold all suspect mail. Forth, as for turning off forwarding, by doing this I was forced to start playing with the only spam filter I had and immediately configured it to either send with modified subject line or hold all suspect email. Its default state was ON (instead of off like Yahoo's) and configured to deleted suspect mail. I hope I've answered all the questions. Bottom line - a service upgrade (new spam filtering) actually resulted in a service interuption. The road to h... is paved with good intentions. Thanks
  2. Hi all JT responded last night with proof that spamcop was NOT 'black holeing' valid emails. It appears the problem was with a new spam filter on my server which considered some email forwarded to the spamcop server for filtering as spam itself. My web hosting company upgraded all their mail server software which added spam filters. The default action of the filter was to delete medium and high probably spam email. This resulted in lost email messages from certain domains like yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc. I need to send a note to my web hosting company that they should change the default state from delete the email to change the subject line or move to a junk email folder. Probably several other customers are having the same issue with 'lost' email. Thanks to all who helped and thanks to JT for pointing me in the right direction. P.S. without spamcop, 20 spam emails made it into my inbox last night. I'm glad this is resolved - thanks to all who helped.
  3. Hi I disabled forwarding all my email to my spamcop email adddress and got my normal volume of email today. I used Spamcop to clean my email by forwarding all email sent to all of my email address (e.g. webmaster[at]mydomain1.com, sales[at]mydomain1.com, webmaster[at]mydomain2.com, sales mydomain2.com) to my spamcop email address which then forwarded them back to one unplublished email address (e.g. hidden[at]mydomain1.com). This worked fine for the last two years. Starting Sunday, all emails sent from several different email addresses at yahoo.com, hotmail.com, accessline.com, etc. were not bounced by spamcop nor were they sent to my held mail folder. They just disappeared. Like they never were sent. A co-worker who has sent me email every day for the last year from aol.com could also not send email to me via spamcop. The emails were not bounced and they were not held. They just never arrived. I've forwarded header information as requested to JT but so far no response. I'm using the spam filter that comes with smartermail - http://www.smartertools.com/Products/Smart...il/Default.aspx So far today, its let a few slip through but this is much preferable to that last few days. It has some nice features that let you decide what to do with low, medium and high probablity spam email. I have it prepend a warning on the subject line for medium proability spam and move high proability spam to a junk email folder. This ensures email won't vanish (I hope:) If JT doesn't respond, then I'll probably let my spamcop subscription lapse. It was good while it lasted but can't run a business with a service that 'black holes' valid/whitelisted emails. Thanks for responding to my posts.
  4. Hi I've now discovered that email from intuit merchant processing service are not passing through spamcop. Looks like I'll have to disable spamcop and find another filtering service. Any pointers on good alternatives? Thanks P.S. no word from JT
  5. Hi all Its been about 6 hours and I've not heard from JT (support<at>spamcop.net) Is there a way to confirm somebody is working on this? I can't afford to have all emails from hotmail, aol, yahoo, accessline.com plus others I'm unaware of be blocked by spamcop. Could somebody contact JT and have the appropriate party update me on what is going on? I'll have to switch to another spam filter method if I can't resolve this. Thanks
  6. Sorry if I my post wasn't clear. I've sent two headers with email bodies containing short test messages to JT at support<at>spamcop.net. These were headers from the CC:'d address as the emails sent via Spamcop.net are not making it. Below is one header with certain information x'd out because this is a public forum. The original headers were sent unmodified to support<at>spamcop.net. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Return-Path: <xxxxx[at]yahoo.com> Tue Nov 30 08:02:07 2004 Received: from web61001.mail.yahoo.com [] by ml1.webecs.com with SMTP; Tue, 30 Nov 2004 08:02:07 -0500 Received: (qmail 13221 invoked by uid 60001); 30 Nov 2004 13:02:06 -0000 Comment: DomainKeys? See http://antispam.yahoo.com/domainkeys DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=s1024; d=yahoo.com; b=YYt/HzgM6+R+2f9naLh/wgqLBCU0p0zSRBCoZ5EfGOsN3Lk/hBBrsSyIYTeXPDo8Ns/vKLctkTKL3L1j9pt1hAhIWm5SweABTmwZuYmRkHs8iaUMaindODvYNMGnAAXDXVRdKshTiGffjEfF+7cPts9Wx378+YN0SnaTZ0apJNs= ; Message-ID: <20041130130206.13219.qmail[at]web61001.mail.yahoo.com> Received: from [] by web61001.mail.yahoo.com via HTTP; Tue, 30 Nov 2004 05:02:06 PST Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 05:02:06 -0800 (PST) From: xxxxxx xxxxxx <xxxxx[at]yahoo.com> Subject: Fwd: Your order has shipped To: xxxxx[at]spamcop.net Cc: mail[at]xxxxxx.com MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="0-1442515860-1101819726=:12295" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FYI - webecs.com hosts my email service which got the cc'd email from yahoo that didn't make it through spamcop.net Once I hear back from JT, I'll update. Thanks
  7. Hi I'm not sure what you mean by 'use for your spamcop email account' I forward mail to xxxxxx[at]spamcop.net where xxxxxxx is my user name. I then have spamcop forward mail back to unpublished[at]myemailservername.com where myemailservername.com is hosted by a web service company. I have two domains I use and both fail when forwarding messages via spamcop.net. I'm able to send mail via the web interface from xxxxxx[at]spamcop.net to unpublished[at]myemailservername.com so I know my email server is working. 15 minutes ago, I sent some voice mails (attached wav files) from www.accessline.com to a coworker at his email address at aol.com and to my public email address. He got his in less than 30 seconds and I've still not gotten them. This makes 4 emails from accessline.com that I've not gotten since 2pm yesterday. I'm pretty certain that as of Sunday, there are now several different sources of email (yahoo, hotmail, accessline.com, aol.com) are now being blocked (not held). Thanks
  8. Thanks I tried some more tests this morning after putting my personal yahoo address on my personal white list and they are still not making it through. I'll send copies of emails (with headers) that CC:'d myself on.
  9. Hi I've looked at the headers of those that I've gotten and it seems those that I get are not delayed. I just sent another test email from one of my servers to my normal public email which routes through spamcop (copying my yahoo address) and it was received at both in less than 30 seconds. However, when I sent a test message from yahoo, it did not make it (I waited about 10 minutes while drafting this message) but it did make it to another cc email address in about 30 seconds so I'm sure yahoo is sending it. I guess I should restate the problem and indicate I'm missing emails instead of having them delayed. It appears that none of the emails that I'm aware of from yahoo, hotmail, aol, accessline.com have made it through spamcop today, yet I know one aol was sent, about 10 yahoos were sent, 2 accessline.com were sent and 1 hotmail.com was sent. Note: I've checked my held mail folder constantly today and none of the test messages were held. Any other things I should try?
  10. Hi All day today, it seems like spamcop is dropping or delaying my emails. Anybody else seeing this? I use a catchall email address on my server to forward all emails to my spamcop.net email address which then forwards it back to an unpublished email address. This normally works great but since last night, I noticed I wasn't getting certain emails I normally get. This morning, I started sending emails from my Yahoo account to my catchall email address and directly to my spamcop email address but its been 12 hours and they've not made it. I had friends send emails from their hotmail and yahoo accounts to my 'public' or catchall email addresses plus my spamcop email address and again, nothing (so far). I know for certain that one email sent from an AOL address is more than 12 hours late, another two sent from accessline.com are over 5 hours late, and all sent from hotmail/yahoo address are MIA. However, I have gotten several emails notifications from Fedex and UPS so its clear that some email is getting through spamcop's servers. And I've not changed anything with my email configurations. This has happened before with spamcop but today I've not seen anybody reporting in the forum nor any news notifications. I was wondering if anybody else is finding their emails are stuck/lost/delayed?
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