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  1. Please keep coming the suggested alternatives. I've signed up on GMail.com. I am looking at Fastmail.FM, which looks promising. I first will purchase my own domain (firstname-lastname.com) so I can begin to isolate my email address from my email provider, which frankly I should have done long ago. I never figured this would happen.
  2. I like reading my email online [at] SpamCop. I also have lots of saved emails organized in folders. I hope they change their mind. My spamcop email address is all over the planet. I created a GMail account. Ugh. They're very proud of not having "Folders" and you can't turn off "keep a copy of sent mail in Sent Mail". Where else are y'all going to go?
  3. You know what I call 24 hours of unexpected lack of access to my emails? A vacation. I just checked. Emails are starting to come in.
  4. I seriously doubt that any outages here are planned. At any rate, I'm happy with Spamcop and I'm sticking around.
  5. good idea. I've tried it in Mozilla Firefox and in Chrome. It works in neither. I no longer use Firefox (Brendan Eich and the anti-Proposition 8 jihad). I'll try in IE (ugh) next time. thanks
  6. Test emails are not in coming either. Something bad has happened. Problem never works. I get an error: Invalid address spec. Unmatched quote or bracket (<>) I have brought this up before and it has never been fixed.
  7. Now my inbox is loading with the specious "invalid address / no subject".
  8. There are empty emails coming in and piling up in my Held Mail - they can't be deleted. They say "invalid address" and "no subject".
  9. Here is a question for all you long-time Spamcoppers who know your Spamcop "Name Expansion" inside and out: Where does Spamcop store those names and email addresses? I know I have my address book with my contacts, etc. But Spamcop is saving old "names/email addresses" in some additional place. Why do I say that? If in the TO: field I put an ambiguous name (i.e. multiple possible resolution/expansions) and click on the "Expand Names" icon on the Send window, Spamcop will dredge up all possible names/email addresses and put a chooser/drop-down on the TO: field letting me select how to expand that name. So far so fabulous. But the names/email addresses? Not all those email addresses are from my address book. Some of them are very old names/email addresses from way back "in the day". I'm confused. Are these being stored in some http history place? Or some cookie that Spamcop maintains? Can you help? Teach me the voodoo of that Spamcop voodoo that Spamcop does so well (so well I don't understand it).
  10. Oh wow! Check this out, this works: On each Spamcop "New Message" window there is a clickable icon titled "Expand Names". Use this instead of the "auto-expansion" feature (i.e. when you tab from the TO: field into the CC: field). Fill in your TO:, CC: and BCC: fields with the names that Spamcop has always auto-expanded. Now click on "Expand Names". There you go. Pretty as a picture.
  11. By the way, List and address expansion in the TO: field works in IE (Internet Explorer) and Firefox but does not work in Chrome v 33 (latest as of today). Also, it does not work in Safari, the Apple browser.
  12. Hi Brother Spamcop'ers, I am moving to Chrome and away from Firefox. My Spamcop address Lists do not resolve. The email send window just sits there and does not fill out the address TO: line. Is the TO: behavior implemented in java scri_pt? Is there some way to get Chrome to behave and to resolve the TO: line? Any Chrom'ers out there cross this Rubicon? mucho thanks, Chuck
  13. Hang in there. This is very, very rare. I've been in bondage to Spamcop for several years and I can tell you that I'm not going anywhere. ouch. Now that's going to leave a mark :-)
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