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  1. I have an unfair advantage. I run a forum with 11k members and know exactly how much a civilized thread and a thank you note means to the folks running this board :-) As to the cookies, your best bet is Cynthia Bowan, the most prolific cookieholic I know. She does not disappoint. http://chef2chef.net/features/cynthia/article/2001-12.htm Merry Christmas. Fred
  2. I wanted to thank all of you who contributed to this thread. Lots of food for thought and we will make the changes that were suggested. In the meantime, we have managed to stay of the list for about the last 48 hours. This is what we did to get there: We found that our Sunday mailing did not contain whatever triggered to get us on the list. However, the weekly mailings Mon-Fri would land us on the list without fail. We did a query to isolate the users that were receiving our daily mailings but not our sunday mailings. We removed all 4,750 of them and asked to them to re-subscribe. That worked. What we have learned in the process though is a bit disturbing. If in fact it was a spamtrap that caused this problem, it would have had to be submitted manually. Our confirmed opt-in coming on line soon should catch that, hopefully. Fred Roosli Chef2Chef.Net
  3. RE : "periodic mailings" .... how often is "periodic" ..?? That deals with our Alert. No way of knowing when green onions contain e.Coli. I'll try to make that more clear to the subscribers. RE: Do you automatically remove addresses that bounce for non-existing accounts Yes, our bounce list uses a "three strikes your out" method. RE: is it possible to sign up an incorrect address to your list? It should not be, all requests should be confirmed at the time of submittal BEFORE being added to the actual list. Yes, it is possible to sign up with an incorrect address. The third bounce removes them though. Yes, we do confirm any requests but they are instantly added [removed] to[from] the actual list. Looks like we need to make some changes, as in double opt in. Fred
  4. Unfortunately, neither the openrbl report nor the rokso report make any sense to. Everything I see is in another IP range with companies I have never heard of. I do feel like a moron. As to the "known spamtrap" -- I was told they were secret. Is that no so? Fred
  5. The ROKSO listing points to another IP / Company. When I search there for the right IP, I get is not listed in the SBL is not listed in the XBL As to the first link, a lot of these reports were prior to 05/2004 - the date we started mailing on that IP. Following the remaining links, I cannot find and entry for our company and/or IP. Maybe I don't understand what this all means? Probably. What does <<Joe Jobed>> mean? Fred
  6. Thanks for the quick replies. Should have done that in the first post Fred
  7. We have a problem that on the surface appears illogical and hope someone can shed some light on it. We recently appeared on the blacklist. Here’s what I know: - Until the end of October 2004 we were not listed and we have had a clean bill of health since 1999. - Starting sometimes in November 2004, we were listed 20 times to date. - It appears that we are listed for sending mail to a trap. This is what we did: - We removed all subscriptions received in the month of November 2004 and sent an Email to those affected, asking to confirm their subscription. - Only those that re-subscribed were added back in. Seems to me that should have taken care of whatever the problem may have been. We continue to be listed on a daily basis. As to how a trap mail got into our subscription based model is a mystery to me. Maybe it’s a simple as when we kept un-subscribing a very irate husband almost daily until we figured out that his wife kept signing up. They never talked. We are a thorn in the side of our many competitors and have been subjected to ferocious attacks in other parts of our operation. Any Ideas? Fred
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