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  1. hey all running fine for me for 2 days & that note is gone as of today, or at lest I just noticed it gone today
  2. ty & that's what i did Works for me, ty much Umm, the point that causes a wait, that's easy having 50 emails to report in the que just from the last hour from 4 domains, I check each one to be sure it's spam & to add aditional notes that I see fit along with any additional reporting parties that I see fit. That by it's self takes a little time & then you want to throw in trying to log in 5 times cause the system pretends not to know you, yeah that causes an additional wait that I can't handle. David Bowles
  3. not trying to complain but just want to be sure after they find the problem & get it fixed to the best of their ability Are they going to take that notice down, just asking because I have stopped reporting as I don't have the time to wait Thanks David Bowles
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