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  1. Yep, five days and no problems. No spam (at least not in excess of what I usually see- 1 every day or two) and no problems with Yahoo group mail. I have to guess that that's it. Thanks again for the assistance, folks.
  2. So far, so good- Yahoo is not blocked, and I only got one spam. We'll see if it continues like that.
  3. Sorry, I should have said I was using connect and saved you the anxiety. Thanks for your concern.
  4. Thanks Wazoo and GraemeL. I'm trying adding returns.groups.yahoo.com to my sendmail access db. It's running now; I'll post the results here, both to indicate whether I get spam as a result and if so how much, and to indicate whether it allows the group emails through. Yahoo's kinda hinky for terminating your service for a single bounce; I'm beginning to think I might be wasting my time dealing with them, but that's another story.
  5. Friend, it works or it doesn't. Simple as that. "Trust" is not operative. I'll check any advice I receive to see exactly what it will do to sendmail; I can do that much easier than I can go hunt up the needed configuration in the bat book. I'm guessing I just need to add "returns.groups.yahoo.com" to my access file, but I'm looking to see if anyone knows that will work or knows it will not, and whether there are any perhaps trickier ways of doing it that might add a little more functionality. If someone here knows, fine, great, I'm happy and the knowledge base of the forum is improved. If not, fine, great, I'll crack open the bat book.
  6. Hi, I use spamcop's DNSBL in my sendmail configuration. It works pretty well, but every so often it starts blocking Yahoo, and I am a member of several groups. As has been documented in the FAQ and in posts on this forum ad nauseum, Yahoo then cancels email sending to my address because their email was returned. This is a hassle, and seems to come in waves- I'll go perhaps six or eight months without this happening, and all of a sudden it happens every couple of days for a month or two. I understand that I might get more spam if I do this, but I'd like to add the Yahoo returns address listed in the FAQ entry about Yahoo groups being blocked to a whitelist entry in my sendmail configuration. It might even be nice to have something that matched the BL and not the whitelist rejected, and something that matched both flagged, but I expect that's a bit sophisticated for the level of expertise I've seen so far. I searched on the obvious on this forum, and didn't find any information other than "use spamcop's email and add the returns address to your spamcop whitelist." I'm not interested in having my email kept on any third party's server, no matter how trustworthy they may be- it's my email, and I want it on my server. I'm not interested in having my email go through someone else's server so they can massage it, either- I just want to add the sendmail config to whitelist the Yahoo returns IP address/hostname to my sendmail.mc and sendmail.cf. Does anyone have instructions for setting up a whitelist on Unix sendmail, in sendmail.mc before it's compiled to sendmail.cf, or in sendmail.cf? If not, I'll break out the big book with a bat on the front, you can do darn near anything with sendmail, but I'm hoping to shortcut the inevitable fooling around for days that this will require. Even if I get instructions, I expect I'll have it out to get the option I talked about above, of flagging it instead of rejecting it if it matches both the DNSBL and the whitelist, but I can put that off, and I can't put off the Yahoo bounces- I'm working on some things that I need to get my Yahoo group mail for and if it continues, I'm going to have to go as far as turning off the BL temporarily until I can figure this out, and wading through the mountain of spam I'll get as a result . Thanks in advance. -Da Schneib
  7. So far, so good- but I still have yet to receive any spam on one of them. You're too efficient.
  8. Looks fine, for one of them- I haven't received any spam on the other. Were you clear on why I have it set up this way, and on how the DNS setup works with it? If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. I'm assuming at this point that you pick up on the IP address of the Internet connection.
  9. I report spam from two addresses, and they are both behind NAT firewalls. When I set up in the Mailhosts application, it groks my internal hostnames, which are simply the internal hostname.internal.mydomain.com. This hostname cannot be looked up on the open 'Net, for security reasons- not to mention I am using the internal IP addresses for them both, 192.168.x.x, so it wouldn't do any good to look it up anyway, and even if you could, the NAT wouldn't pass it. The NAT, of course, turns it into the real IP address of the NAT firewall's Internet connection. Mailhost does correctly grok those real IP addresses. On edit: Just for clarity, my firewall is a NAT only, with port triggering/port forwarding. It does not do SPI, nor does it change anything but the port and IP address in the IP header. Is this correct? Will this work properly? Thanks! -Da Schneib