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  1. My [at]spamcop.net address is only guaranteed for a the remainder of my subscription and maybe then only at the whim of SpamCop. OK, got all that. During my subscription all mail forwarded to SpamCop by my many domains will be handled by the purported much better Cisco Reputation Systems and then FORWARDED to the single email address we provide. OK follow that so far. (I'm frequently wrong with generalizations but isn't the bulk of the worlds email traveling through many Cisco routers and yet all this spam gets through?) I have small office Cisco (Linksys) routers for wired and WiFi internet access. now Could they be configured to reach out to Cisco to run these Reputation filters? My question really is twofold. (maybe more) One: Can I just subscribe directly to the Cisco Reputation System if I quit worrying about "reporting" spam? I couldn't find a Cisco page to subscribe and filter all my mail through the Reputation System before forwarding it to an eMail address of my choice. QuestionOne continued: So does that mean that if I am able to keep paying SpamCop subscriptions somewhere then I would automatically be using the Cisco filter service after Sep30 and then remaining mail would be forwarded all nice and cleaned up? and Two: Where exactly will I renew SpamCop subscription if I wish to continue the "automatic reporting" process now that Cisco Reputation System filtering at SpamCop servers rather than my custom SpamCop settings will be used? If SpamCop business is in the process of randomly shutting down what confidence do I have that my annual subscription will actually last a year? Oh wait, one more, is there a page on SpamCop where we can see exactly what will remain after Sep30 so we can judge the capabilities and configuration that we can or have to use? SCdog
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