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  1. If it is true that the benefit to others is the only one we can see, and I am not sure that is measurable, some of us sure are altruistic. My original post was Titled, "Are we winning? and I think the answer is becoming obvious. If our efforts improve the value of SCBL, then that is at least tangible, if commercial. If you are following the internet wide initiatives for the next generation of Email, that may be our only hope. I am discouraged. RES
  2. I submitted this thread because I am beginning to have doubts. I am a end user consumer as opposed to a commercial (business user), although many of the problems are mutual. I use several ISPs and mail accounts, although my primary one is a major sized general ISP. I now spend at least an hour each day forwarding spam to SPAMCop, from several accounts I have been doing this for several months. I cannot discern any reduction in the amount of spam, even though I am unable to actually log the activity. I do not know of a better alternative than SpamCop for a user like me, but I would be interested in others experiences. I suspect filtering is just a cosmetic, not reducing Internet traffic. Perhaps some combination of methods would improve my experience. I think Email is the greatest addition to human communication this century, but it seems to me that it is being perverted. Objective evaluation of spam fighting results may be very difficult if not impossible to attain. I sure would like to hear about others efforts. Thanks
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